psych-season-six-interview-shawn-gusHey Psych-Os! Are you getting Psyched that there´s only one week left for Season Six premiere of Psych, when on Wednesday October 12th at 10PM ET, America’s favorite fake psychic team is back with a brand-spanking new season of Pstch. From vampires to super heroes, hippie communes to mental institutions, Shawn and Gus are sure to thrill and delight anxious fans this season – and so will the epic guest-star lineup (William Shatner, Molly Ringwald, Danny Glover, Wade Boggs and more).

Tomorrow is the Fan Appreciation Day, but I had the privilege of having a little four questions interview with James Roday and Dule Hill from Psych, Shawn and Gus.

Psych Season Six non Spoilery Interview with James Roday and Dule Hill – Shawn and Gus

Guillermo Paz – Series and TV (Me): Hi guys, how are you?

James Roday: Guillermo.

Me: Hi, hi. All the way from Argentina here.

James Roday:    Love it.

Me:    So one of the several traditional things in terms of Psych-os going crazy to watch every new episode is of course Gus’s nicknames, the “Gus don’t be,” the “heard it both ways” and the Pineapples. What are you going to show us in those departments this season?

James Roday:    Well there’s definitely some nicknames, there’s definitely some Gus Don’t Bes. One that we’re particularly proud of that you’ll see in the Jennifer Lynch episode entitled Guillermo del Toro presents Autopsy Turvy, which will air late in the season. So asterisk that one for a Gus Don’t Be. I don’t want to spoil it. And I believe there’s still a pineapple every episode. I think that’s just a machine that kind of takes care of itself.

Me: Yes, great. And one of my favorite nicknames is Gus TT Showbiz with the extra T for extra talent, which is yours Dule?
Dule Hill:    That one’s up there, but my favorite is always the original, I’m guess I’m a big fan of the original ones that Gus Sillypants Jackson; one, because it made Gus a Jackson, you know, and I’m a big fan of the Jackson’s so; and then it also caught me off guard when Roday first did it and I was like, “What did this cat just call me? Did you just call me Sillypants?” But that’s my favorite.

Me: Great. You’re probably also the show with the biggest amount of pop references and stars, you’re getting Danny Glover and William Shatner, that’s probably pop references heaven. What is your favorite Season 6 reference?

Dule Hill:    Again for me that’s – I’m going to have to like tap out on that one because I’m really blanking out on the references this year. And I don’t know if it’s just because we just finished and I kind of just dumped everything out of my mind. But as I’m going back and trying to think I cannot really come up with, just on top of my head. But that one I’m going to tap out on.

James Roday:    There’s a visual reference in our vampire episode where we’re in a very strange vampire bar and we approach the bar and the bartender has his back to us and when he turns around to face us there’s a music queue and the actual casting of the bartender that comes together to create what I feel is a pretty delicious 80s visual reference. So I’ll go with that.

Me: Great. And the last one for me so I don’t hold up you guys too much, “If you could have any crossover with whatever show, which would it be?”

Dule Hill:    USA Network, I would want to do White Collar. I mean, that’s on the air right now, I would say White Collar, and a show that was off the air, I would still go back to Monk.

James Roday:    It’s a USA show or any show?

Me:    You can give me the USA show or any show, anywhere, anyplace.

James Roday:    Well if it’s any show I would say we should crossover with The Walking Dead because I think we’re due for a zombie episode.

Dule Hill:    And I would say…For myself I would say if it’s any show I would say, “Modern Family,” because I just love the show so much. And I think it would be fun to have Shawn and Gus interact with all of those characters over there.

Me:    Okay now we need to make that happen guys. Thanks so much.

Dule Hill:    All right.

James Roday:    Thanks man, thanks Guillermo. That’s a fun name, it’s just a good name to say.

Dule Hill:    I was going to say, “You just like saying that name, man.”

James Roday:    Guillerrrrrmo.

Dule Hill:    You know, didn’t he get all happy when he first came on?

James Roday:    Guillerrrrrrrmo.

Dule Hill:    You see what I’m saying? Hey Guillermo. All happy over there. Wait till a Jamaican comes on and watch how I act.

Note: You of course now can imagine that James Roday saying Guillerrrrrrmo is my ringtone now.

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