psych-season-six-premiere-shawn-rescues-darth-vader-spoilers-quotes-references-nicknamesOk, the new season of Psych is here, and I can´t be more excited about it, since it is probably the best show around (at least among those never getting the nod as that); and also, because I had an interview with James Roday and Dule Hill where they talked to me about Shawn and Gus Nicknames, and about pop references in Psych, among other stuff.

Well, now, I had the chance to see the premiere episode of season six upfront, and just by knowing the name of the episode “Shawn rescues Darth Vader” you get the feeling you are up to a great ride and you surely won´t be mistaken.

Psych Season Six Premiere Shawn rescues Darth Vader spoilers pop references and quotes

Shawn: All right, I´m in, describe the item

Gus: You forgot already?
Shawn: I´m sorry, I was busy JamesBonding it up in here
Gus: It´s a Star Wars toy Shawn

Gus: Shawn, it´s official, you never take a case without me ever again

Shawn: Dude, this kid has Mattel electroinc football

Shawn: Suck it Iphans

Gus: What happened?
Shawn: Do you wanna hear the good news or the bad news?
Gus: What do you think?
Shawn: (Holding Vader´s figurine): I am not your mother
Gus: He didn´t say that Shawn. What´s the bad news?
Shawn: Drive!!!

psych-season-six-premiere-shawn-rescues-darth-vader-spoilers-quotes-references-nicknames-2Lassiter: Are you dating anyone?

Shawn: I am seeing a girl!
Lassiter: Really? Can you tell me her name, or is it a secret?

Shawn: Awesome, put that on my bucket list
Gus: Before or after “Invisible Plane”?
Shawn: After

Shawn: I am sensing the victim, glittering gown, sleeveless

Shawn: That is impossible. I am so so so so sure
Gus: I don´t think more so´s are the answer Shawn

Lassiter: I´m sorry. I´m sorry for expecting a little bit of honesty from you

Lassiter: We need to see the chief so I can get a new partner: one I can trust

Shawn: That was not the guy. That was probably a papparazzi
Gus: Or a racoon
Shawn: Dude, a racoon with a videocamera would be an ideal suspect

Henry: You crashed a diplomat´s party
Shawn: I was only there to steal a Darth Vader from this kid

Shawn: I think the Ambassador was having an affaire with the victim

Henry: (…)My son (…)
Woody the Coroner: You don´t have to tell me. I know Gus well.
Henry: Shawn
Woody: Him too, never thought of them as brothers. Bit of a game changer gotta tell you

Lassiter: You need to pick a side

Henry: So these murders were committed by the same person?
Woody: I was thinking replicate robots, but now that I said it out loud, I like your idea better

Henry: Woody. favour
Woody: Does it involve being over night in the cooler?
Henry: No
Woody: Then anything

Ambassador´s kid: The new Star Wars movies are way better than the old ones
Gus: Oh! We are dealing with a crazy person here!

Gus: You stole the keys from a kid?
Shawn: That´s not a kid. That´s the product of centuries of inbreeding

Gus: Do I hear chips, Shawn?
Shawn: They are called crisps in the south, and yes you do

Shawn: This can of Sprite Zero does

Gus: Shawn. I know what you are thinking: No! Mo, no, no!

Shawn: Ambassador, go ahead and tell him all the benefits that go along with working for you: State Dinners, Beer pong with Prince Harry, manscaping with Charles

Shawn: Can I rob a bank?
Ambassador Fameshawe: No
Shawn: Can I print my own money?
Ambassador Fameshawe: No
Shawn: Can you introduce me to Harry Potter?
Ambassador Fameshawe: fits your character

Shawn: Dude, I just got us diplomatic immunity. What do you want to steal?

Shawn: Where are your shoes?
Fameshawe: Is that your British accent? Where are you getting your accents from?
Shawn: I don´t know, the usual places I guess: Peter Pan, Geico the Gekko, Phineas & Herb´s grandad
Fameshawe: Is there any of them that doesn´t come from animated characters?
Shawn: Not really, does Russell Brand count?

Shawn: You can thank us later
Gus: Especially me

Gus: Let´s just go
Shawn: Gus don´t be the Mistery Musketouer

Shawn: Turn this engine back on
Driver: The engine is on
Shawn: Man, these Prius are super quiet

Shawn: I have two words for you Lassie: Diplomatic Immunity. Am I saying this wrong?
Gus: The guy form Lethal Weapon 2 was not Russian, Shawn

Shawn: All I know is what I saw in an old Chips episode

Shawn: South African… the guys on Lethal Weapon 2 were SouthAfrican

Shawn: I was with Gus, playing a little video games, talking about Star Wars

Shawn: You´re just gonna have to deal with the fact that I love her (Yes, Shawn said he loves Juliet O´Hara, and everybody leans on to see if that´s the truth or not in the poligraph)

Lassiter: Are you, Shawn Spencer a Psychic?
Henry: You´ve got to answer that one Shawn
Shawn: Yes
Juliet: No deception indicated

Fameshawe: You really know nothing about the UK
Shawn: Only the good things: Morrisey, Gwyneth Paltrow, Leprechauns

Lassiter: Spencer, may I have a word?

Lassiter: If you don´t treat O´Hara like she deserves, or if you hurt her in any way I will discharge my pistol.
Shawn: You say you´ll shoot me?
Lassiter: Repearedly

Psych Season Six Premiere Shawn rescues Darth Vader Nicknames

Sadly, no nickname in this one (But we got a Gus don´t be, at least).

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