oscars-2015The 87th Academy Awards Ceremony is about to start. All the stars are already in the Red Carpet and live coverage from multitude of media outlets are crashing the Internet and our Televisions.

We are watching it live, and waiting for the winners; in what can be another night full of surprises. Several big names getting love from the Academy, and every fanboy / fangirl is wanting Benedict Cumberbatch to win the Oscar, even though he can never win it for Sherlock.

The SAG Awards usually are a good measure for what will happen in the Oscars, but, anything can happen here: We have films with the whole patriotic thing going on, with big pedigree as Clint Eastwood´s American Sniper, or the regular he/she is playing an ill character so he/she gets nominated, as The Theory of Everything´s Eddie Redmayne. I am not talking about wether they deserve it or not. (IMHO they certainly deserve it); it´s just a regular happenstance in the Academy Awards.

Some other random thoughts: Why is the whole cast of Fifty Shades of Grey in the Red Carpet? Did they somehow get the film nominated? Hum, nope, but then again, seeing Dakota Johnson is always good. (I have the feeling she used a body double in Fifty Shades of Grey, why you ask? I don´t know, I just think she had a different body on Ben and Kate, but then again, what do I know!).

Neil Patrick Harris covering the Awards will likely be fun to watch, and you already know, there will be lots of musical sets.

Is Meryl Streep going to not win another Oscar? Come on, I know she has several already, but is there any actress that deserves more than her to be the “Most wins ever” title holder? Of Course not.

Well, that´s it for the first random thoughts. Stay tuned for my live coverage of the 2015 Academy Awards – Oscars Ceremony. Or follow me on Twitter for more scoop.