outback-hunters-premiere-historyIf you are just like me and you enjoyed Steve Irwin´s Crocodile Hunter show, and if you enjoy Swamp People, you will definitely want to check out this new show from HISTORY, as it is a mix between the two of those, where you will meet the fearless — some would call them crazy — men who risk life and limb to hunt crocodiles in the Australian Outback.

OUTBACK HUNTERS, a new History series from the same production team behind Swamp People, takes viewers Down Under to an untamed frontier where crocs outnumber people three to one and it’s never entirely clear who is the hunter and who is the hunted. The series premieres at 10 pm ET/PT Sunday, Oct. 21.

In the Northern Territory of the Australian Outback lies 20,000 miles of merciless terrain known as the Top End. Saltwater crocodiles, routinely exceeding 20 feet in length and 2,000 pounds, with two tons of biting force, are the kings of the animal food chain here. Which can be problematic during the dry season, when food becomes scarce and crocs become more deadly as they hunt for the next meal. They attack and kill kangaroos, water buffalo, cattle, even people. OUTBACK HUNTERS follows six charismatic croc hunters and their support teams as they literally risk life and limb to keep the croc population in check.

These fearless Aussies are a colorful lot: from “Crocodile” Mick Pittman, one of the few in this business who has beaten the odds in 30-plus years of stalking crocs (injured only once, a small nick on his left hand), to Tommy Nichols, a government ranger who wasn’t so lucky (losing two fingers to one particularly nasty croc); from Paul Henwood, who uses low-tech methods in his hunts, the way his Aboriginal ancestors did, to Nigel Palmer, who has been known to swing from helicopters to collect crocodile eggs. Their personalities and their tactics might differ greatly, but they share the same tenacity, the same thirst for adventure, and they get the job done.

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