perfect-couples-nbc-premierePerfect Couples is one of the new NBC comedies that will premiere on MidSeason. Perfect Couples premieres January 20th on NBC.

Dave (Kyle Bornheimer, “Worst Week”) and Julia (Christine Woods, “Flash Forward”) are the relatable, normal couple — but Julia’s hope of remaining the cool, low-maintenance chick is tested by Dave’s attempts to keep both his wife and his needy best friend Vance (David Walton, NBC’s “100 Questions”) equally happy. Vance, along with the neurotic Amy (Mary Elizabeth Ellis, “It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia”), are the high-passion, high-drama couple who bring out the best and worst in each other.

The third duo features Rex (Hayes MacArthur, “She’s Out of My League”), a reformed party guy, and, and his wife, Leigh (Olivia Munn, G4’s “Attack of the Show”), who considers herself as the group’s mother hen. Believing that they are relationship experts, Rex and Leigh have attended every class and seminar on relationships — and regard themselves as the “perfect couple.”

“Perfect Couples” is produced by Universal Media Studios. Pollack and Silveri serve as executive producers with Andy Ackerman (“Seinfeld,” “The New Adventures of Old Christine”), who also directed the pilot.

In these behind the scenes videos Olivia Munn, Christine Woods and Mary Elizabeth Ellis set up some never-before-seen scenes. Then, the ladies sit down with their male costars for a discussion of the far-from-perfect pairings we’ll see in the January 20th premiere.

Watch Perfect Couples Preview and Behind the Scenes Videos

Perfect Couples Preview: Behind Julia and Dave

Christine Woods and Kyle Bornheimer reveal where their characters come from.

Perfect Couples Preview: Inside Leigh and Rex

Olivia Munn and Hayes MacArthur reveal the core of their characters.

Perfect Couples Preview: Inside Amy and Vance

Mary Elizabeth Ellis and David Walton reveal their characters’ inner nature.

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