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Petkeeping with Marc Morrone Monday SpoilersFebruary 14

Common Dog Problems & Solutions
Find out how your dog’s psychological and medical problems interact — and how best to handle them — when Marc talks with veterinary behaviorist Dr. E’Lise Christensen. Plus, tips for dealing with pets that compete for your attention, and how to accomplish a drama-free nail trimming.

Petkeeping with Marc Morrone Monday Spoilers Tuesday, February 15

Reptile Pets
Learn all about snakes and bearded dragons — they might not be fluffy or cute, but they can make surprisingly gregarious pet companions. Marc shares what makes these scaly, cold-blooded creatures unique as pets; plus, how to attend to their special diet and care needs.

Petkeeping with Marc Morrone Monday Spoilers Wednesday, February 16

Wild Things
Discover the fascinating similarities and differences between wild animals and domesticated pets in this special show about the wildlife that lives right in our own backyards. Plus, Marc gives a bird feeder tutorial, and wildlife rehabilitator Bobby Horvath shares advice about taking care of injured wild animals.

Petkeeping with Marc Morrone Monday Spoilers Thursday, February 17

Easy Pets
Discover the perfect low-maintenance pets for busy people, kids, first-time pet owners, and anyone else who just wants an easy animal companion. Get Marc’s advice about betta fish, guinea pigs, hamsters, and more animals that allow for the joy of pet companionship despite a hectic schedule.

Petkeeping with Marc Morrone Monday Spoilers Friday, February 18

High-Maintenance Pets
Take proper care of pets that have exacting environmental and dietary requirements, like pond pets, with Marc’s practical advice for keeping them healthy and happy. Find out how to handle frogs, sugar gliders, and iguanas, and learn if a high-maintenance pet is right for you.

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