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Next week on the shw you can watch on Hallmark weekdays 12/11 C.

Petkeeping with Marc Morrone Spoilers Monday March 7

Common Pet Myths

Can stray cats make good pets? And just how easy is it to care for a hermit crab? Marc explores these questions, debunks a few myths, and clears up misconceptions about dogs, cats, and other household pets.

Petkeeping with Marc Morrone Spoilers Tuesday March 8

Children and Pets

Ensure a happy bond between kids and pets with Marc’s strategies for keeping everyone safe when children and animals live under the same roof. Plus, kid-friendly pet recommendations.

Petkeeping with Marc Morrone Spoilers Wednesday March 9

Wild Things

Discover the fascinating similarities and differences between wild animals and domesticated pets in this special show about the wildlife that lives right in our own backyards. Plus, Marc gives a bird feeder tutorial, and wildlife rehabilitator Bobby Horvath shares advice about taking care of injured wild animals.

Petkeeping with Marc Morrone Spoilers Thursday March 10

Traveling with Pets

Discover how to make your pets comfortable in new spaces. Whether you’re flying to a favorite vacation spot or moving to a new home, find out which crates, cages, or boxes won’t upset your pet. Plus, Marc offers tips for keeping pets properly identified.

Petkeeping with Marc Morrone Spoilers Friday March 11

High-Maintenance Pets

Take proper care of pets that have exacting environmental and dietary requirements, like pond pets, with Marc’s practical advice for keeping them healthy and happy. Find out how to handle frogs, sugar gliders, and iguanas, and learn if a high-maintenance pet is right for you.

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