Woof woof… it´s time to talk about Pet Keeping with Marc Morrone, and what does that show have in store for next week.

You can watch on Hallmark weekdays 12/11 C.

Petkeeping with Marc Morrone Spoilers Monday March 21

Easy Pets
Discover the perfect low-maintenance pets for busy people, kids, first-time pet owners, and anyone else who just wants an easy animal companion. Get Marc’s advice about betta fish, guinea pigs, hamsters, and more animals that allow for the joy of pet companionship despite a hectic schedule.

Petkeeping with Marc Morrone Spoilers Tuesday March 22

Exotic Pets
Tarantulas, walking sticks, and hedgehogs, oh, my! Meet some of the more exotic pets in Marc’s shop — as well as a few of the people who are drawn to them — in this show about unusual but increasingly popular pets. Plus, care tips for rare, unusual, and overlooked pets with veterinarian Dr. Brian Marder.

Petkeeping with Marc Morrone Spoilers Wednesday March 23

Reptile Pets
Learn all about snakes and bearded dragons — they might not be fluffy or cute, but they can make surprisingly gregarious pet companions. Marc shares what makes these scaly, cold-blooded creatures unique as pets; plus, how to attend to their special diet and care needs.

Petkeeping with Marc Morrone Spoilers Thursday March 24

The Fish Show
Get step-by-step instructions on setting up a harmonious aquatic environment in this special show all about fish. Marc offers advice on feeding fish, and biologist Todd Gardner of Atlantis Marine World chats about fish in the wild.

Petkeeping with Marc Morrone Spoilers Friday March 25

Pet Grooming and Hygiene
Learn the proper way to clean and groom your furry and feathered friends. Marc demonstrates brushing techniques for dogs that shed more than others. Then, dog groomer Diane Prendergast shares tricks for grooming dogs at home whether their coat is short, shaggy, wavy, or wiry.

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