pretty-little-liars-new-normal-spoilers-quotesAnd the awaited moment for all the Pretty Little Liars fans finally came! When Pretty Little Liars airs a new episode, What happens to one liar when parent-teacher conferences come around and her father sits face to face with the love of her life? What about when another one reaches out to a tarnished innocent, when no one else will? And what about the liar who is taken by surprise by an unpleasant person? And don’t forget about the last liar who is getting way too comfortable with someone she might not want to trust. Whatever it is, “A” is sure to have something to say about it. It’s now just another normal day in Rosewood, PA for Aria, Emily, Hanna and Spencer.

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Pretty Little Liars spoilery thoughts

How do you call it when a guy thinks some other guy is dating his wife, but actually is dating his daughter?
Maybe awkward Byron and Ezra scene. Epic moment

Also, they are leading everybody into believing Jenna is A on Pretty Little Liars.  But that´s probably not right.

I´m really not sure the Spencer and Toby kiss is going where they need to. I don´t think Spencer and Toby getting together is a little jump over the shark.

And the Paige and Emily kiss is another slight shark jumping. Very much Glee Like with all the Kurt – football player thing.

Hannah and Caleb kiss and getting together makes much more sense though

I really thought 214 was about something to do with Valentine´s Day. But it appears to be a hotel room. That´s where A stays?

Best Quotes from Pretty Little Liars S01E17 The New Normal – Spoilers

Emily: B.A.D.
Hannah: Bad

Aria: Toby doesn´t trust us. Who can blame him

Hannah: Either way, Toby is not the enemy

Hannah: He´s not that dark
Spencer: He´s dark enough

Hannah: Seems to me we once had this conversation about Toby

Hannah: I´m a great judge of character
Emily: Yeah, that´s why you fixed Aria with Noel

Ezra: I meet your dad tomorrow

Ezra: I can see your mom as a colleague, and that´s fine, but your dad is your dad

Aria: He´ll like you, just be your incredible self

Caleb: Hannah thought it was about time for us to meet

Caleb: I´m just the guy who opens the door

Hannah: It´s complicated
Caleb: Tell me. I like complicated

Byron: So you are taking my wife out?
Ezra: Sorry?
Byron: Well you are going out with my wife next week

Byron: Look at you, you turned her around. How did you do it?

Jenna: I want it to be perfect. He likes lace

Ezra: He hates me
Aria: He doesn´t hate you

Toby: You better put it back. Put it back or she´ll know you´ve been here

Toby: The DA is droping the charges on me

Toby: For now I´m free

Spencer: I can drive you; if you want me to

Caleb: He was a pretty good architect. Just until he drop dead

Caleb: Knowing the right questions is better than having all the answers

Toby: I´m going with Spencer
Jenna: I see

Aria: How did you like Mr Fitz?
Byron: He´s ok

Byron: There´s not a lot of depth there

Toby: I don´t like running. I´ve done too much of it

Byron: Mr Fitz, this is Byron Montgomery. I´m Aria´s dad. I´m sorry about how are meeting went. I owe you a make good on that. I´ve read your stories and I´d like to talk to you. So, maybe we could have a beer.

Recap from Pretty Little Liars S01E17 The New Normal – Spoilers

Recap by Melanie 809

Open with the girls trying to decipher Jenna’s Braille message Toby stuck in her book. The characters turn to read “BAD” and the girls wonder if Toby might have been screwing with them. Aria makes a few cracks directed towards Hanna.

Ashley heads to the bank to return the small amount of cash they have left. Hanna points out that Mrs. Potter doesn’t need the money anymore and suggests that if it doesn’t need to sit in the safe deposit box it should go to someone who needs it. Her mom just wants the whole ordeal to be over. When Ashley leaves Hanna lets Hanna upstairs from the basement. He says he’s saving money to go live with a friend in Arizona. Ashley comes back for a second and almost catches Caleb.

Aria and Hanna make up. The both apologize and realize A is the real bad guy.

We see Ezra talk to some a few teachers about a book-signing with a published author. Ella is listening and says she might like to come along.

The girls give Hanna grief for getting close to Caleb. A man names Nick walks into the cafeteria looking for the swimming coach. He is Paige’s dad and he is furious that the school is giving preferential treatment to Emily over his daughter just because she’s gay. Ezra intercepts him and talks him down.

Ashley has a meeting with a man named James Leeland. To her shock he claims to be a long-lost relative of Mrs. Potters, her great-nephew. He wants to look at the safe deposit box and has already prepared copies of his identification for her to present to the state revenue agency. He is an architect. At the end of the meeting he asks her out for drinks.

Paige tells Emily that she didn’t say anything about her being gay. Her day must have asked around.

Ella tells Byron he should make sure to meet with Ezra during Aria’s parent-teacher conferences. She has lots of good things to say about him and Byron seems a tad jealous. He says something about them getting together that Friday and she mentions going to the book-signing with Ezra. He thought she didn’t care for the author.

Spencer goes to see Toby, who is leaving for the prosecutor’s office. She asks about the “BAD” and he says she’s reading it wrong. He tells her to come back the next day. Spencer gets a text that reads “Jenna is gonna be soooo pissed –A.”

Emily’s worried about Hanna talking to Caleb and she says she hasn’t told Pam anything about Paige’s father. Araia tells Spencer she and Hanna are fine now. Spencer says Toby wanted them to have the message. Spencer realizes that Arais is calling from Ezra’s house while she waits for him to get back with takeout.

Ezra gets home and makes a comment about meeting Byron. He’s a little more worried about that than he is dealing with Ella.

Ashley gets ready to meet James. Hanna clearly doesn’t trust this guy. The doorbell rings and it is Caleb. Hanna is stunned and Ashley doesn’t like the look of him. He is polite and ends up coming inside to study. James arrives and is greeted by Caleb. Caleb watches him closely as he signs a form before leaving with Ashley. After they leave Hanna tells him what’s going on with James. Caleb points out that for being an architect he used a cheap pen.

The meeting with Ezra and Byron turns contentious. Bryon brings up the fact he’s “going out with my wife” and starts ripping the author they’re going to see.

While the girls our out shopping Aria and Hanna tell the other girls what happens with A and the trip to Philly. They tell them how Caleb helped and Hanna says he’s been staying in the basement. They see Jenna trying on a lace nighty. She tells the clerk “I want it to be perfect. He likes lace.”

Ezra tells Aria the meeting with her dad went terribly. “He hates me or he’s crazy.”

Spencer looks at the Braille and seems to figure something out.

Pam arrives at the school for the parent-teacher conferences and Ella fills her in about Nick and his trip to the cafeteria. Pam had no idea.

Toby tells Spencer that for the moment he’s not being charged with Alison’s murder because the blood evidence was “corrupted.”

Caleb tells Hanna he’s done research on the man her mother is out with. He’s using the name of a legitimate architect who died several years ago.

Jenna pulls out at home in a cab. She heard the good news and wants to take Toby to the police station to have his ankle bracelet removed. He says he already has a ride, grabs Spencer’s hand and leaves her standing there.

Ashley decides that saying about the fake great nephew would only draw attention to the situation. She also doesn’t trust Caleb. The plan is to show ? him the safety deposit box and “go from there.”

Byron tells Aria that based on the parent/teacher conference meeting he thinks Ezra is a “lightweight.” Aria defends him but Byron isn’t having it. He lets slip that Ella is part of the situation and Aria tells him the thing Ezra is taking her too is being attended by half the department.

When Ashley opens the box James is clearly surprised to only see $3,000 in there. When he starts fishing about the possibility money was stolen Ashley makes a reference to his bank in Syracuse that lets him know she might know he’s full of it. He smiles.

Pam comes to school and asks Emily if the story about Blaine’s father is true. Emily says she didn’t think her mother would defend her. Pam promptly turns to Paige’s father and threatens that if he doesn’t drop this crusade “I’ll show you what a real agenda looks like.” Afterwards a weepy Pam tells Emily she loves her and apologizes.

Toby and Spencer end up at a lookout point-type area overlooking the city. She’s figured out that the Braille symbols actually spelled out 214 but doesn’t know what it means. He doesn’t either, saying only that he overheard Jenna talking about Spencer to someone and made a rubbing of what she wrote. He thinks they need to find out what she’s up to and says he doesn’t trust his sister. He thinks Jenna is afraid of Alison’s friends.

Emily gets in her car to drive home. Paige jumps in the passenger seat and says Pam was right about her dad. When Emily starts complaining how tough her life is at the moment Paige leans over and kisses he deeply. She says “don’t tell” and jumps out of the car.

Caleb makes a comment about perhaps not being in a huge hurry to leave for Arizona. She thanks him and they stare at each other before he heads downstairs. There is a knock at the door. It’s an exterminator who has gotten a call from someone named “A” about “infestations in the basement.” Hanna gets rid of him but realizes what’s happened.

We see Ezra and Aria making out on his couch. The phone rings with a call from Byron. He’s read some of Ezra’s stories and wants to have a beer with him.

We see Spencer and Toby drive past a motel. The camera zooms in to focus on room 214.

During the closing credits we see someone lay flowers at the gravestone of Mrs. Esther Marie Potter.

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