psych-contest-giveaway-winner-1Some time ago I arranged a contest for Psych fans, to win if you could tell me your favourite Gus or shawn alias or nickname.

Attila, who said Control Alt Delete was his favourite because it made his inner geek laugh, turned out to be the winner of this Psych Contest.

And today he sent me an e-mail telling me the prize pack had arrived at his home, and of course he loved it (why wouldn´t he?) It included a Pineapple Pillow, the Season 4 DVD Set, the Psych Book: A Fatal Frame of Mind, and an 80s Candy Pack, all in a Psych Backpack.psych-contest-giveaway-winner-2

As you can see in the pictures, Attila is posing with all those prizes I´m sure he´ll soon read and check out (the book and the DVD), while comfortably using the pineapple pillow to rest his head in and eat some Skittles (yum yum) while watching using the candy pack. The backpack I can see ipsych-contest-giveaway-winner-3t on campus or at work. Right?

So, you guys go ahead and tell me. How jealous are you that Attila got his Psych prize pack? What´s your favourite item on it?

I know I am veeeery jealous, and would love to get me one of those Psych packs. But they were for one of my readers. This time Attila was the lucky one. Follow me on Twitter or subscribe to this blog to learn about more Contests and Giveaways of several shows. (I have a couple ahead planned for January probably).

Also, remember to watch Psych finale (read spoilers too if you want), next Wednesday, Dec. 22 with its season finale at 10/9c; the conclusion to the Yin/Yang trilogy with “Yin 3 in 2D”