gus-polar-bear-shawn-psych-dead-bear-walking-spoilers-quotesAnother night of Psych on TV is what everybody should get in order to have a good time. And if that means Back to back new episodes of Psych, well, there´s not much better than that. When When a polar bear trainer is found dead, Shawn works to prove the bear’s innocence.

Best Quotes from Psych S05E15 – Dead Bear Walking

Lassiter: I´m a 24/7 crime fighter

Shawn: Gus follows a lot of deceivers on Twitter, and his phone is blowing up with Tweets. I follow the exotic birds. They are actually tweeting and finally we heard someone was making a motion picture

Shawn: This can´t be your sister, Lassie. She seems so normal and humanlike.
Gus: And Perfect
Shawn: Stop it. She´s Lassie´s sister

Shawn: I won´t let this happen. I promise you
Gus: Please. I´m a player

Shawn: I am Shawn Spencer, this is my partner “Radio Star”. Video will kill him

Jules: That was terrible. Can I do that again?

Lauren: Isn´t he amazing?
Gus: You are amazing. The way you press that button and whatnot

Shawn: The Polar Bear didn´t commit murder. He was framed.

Lauren: My brother says it´s just your M.O. to say something ridiculous and hope for the best

Jules:Oh my God, this may be in festivals?

Shawn: What about motif? You need motif to convict
Gus: I have motif. The bear went bear
Shawn: You are not helping

Jules: I guess we know what the bear would do for a Klondyke bar… I felt like my character needed a joke

Shawn: Did you see a Coca Cola, or a sled? I guess this is what it may be using for nourishment and transportation

Shawn: Why are you harassing the lemur?
Gus: He started it

Gus: I didn´t even like bears in fables Shawn. Goldilocks was a crazy shorty blonde for going into that house in the first place

Gus: I didn´t even like bears in fables Shawn. Goldilocks was a crazy shorty blonde for going into that house in the first place

Shawn: I´m a psychic, and I´m filthy good

Shawn: You and me are in the same team. Except I shower

Jules: Where´s the bear Shawn

Shawn: I present Gus Jay Gubta

Shawn:  Gus has much more luck with stripper grims. His stage name is “Reginald G-String, AKA Crowd Pleaser”

Lauren: I feel better already
Gus: That´s what I´m here for
Lauren: You are a great guy. Are you dating anyone?

Jules: It´s hard to remember your lines
Lassie: Nobody has lines here

Lassie: You were in war with each other
Shawn: Like Belushi and Aykroyd
Lassie: Yes. In Trading Places
Shawn: Neighbors

Henry: Shawn will go bald. It´s genetic. I just hope I´m alive when it happens

Gus Nickname at Psych S05E15 – Dead Bear Walking

Shawn introduces Gus to Lassie´s sister as “my partner Radio Star”. He also introduces Gus as “I present Gus Jay Gubta”. Then he tells about Gus as a stripper whose stage name is “Reginald G-String, AKA Crowd Pleaser”

Recap from Psych S05E15 – Dead Bear Walking

Recap by MikeSaros

Open with Lassie introducing his young and attractive sister Lauren.

She is a film student and will be doing a movie about how crime is solved. Word comes down that a body has been found at the zoo.

On the way Lassie brags to his sister about being a “24/7 crime fighter.”

They arrive and immediately is clear Gus is interested in Lauren. There are protestors calling for the bear’s freedom. We see polar bear trainer Jasper is dead, fond face-down in the middle of the enclosure. The trainer’s fiancé, Deborah, walks up in tears. Lauren is in awe of her brother, who immediately declares the bear responsible but Shawn isn’t so sure, telling Lauren’s camera the bear was “framed.”

The medical examiner thinks the bear could have done it but points out the trainer’s larynx was crushed. Shawn is convinced they are about to euthanize an innocent animal. They see on TV that the bear has escaped.

Back at the zoo they speak with zoo director C. Lee Banting. Banting says the beat was the zoo’s main attraction. Shawn notices the bear cage hinges were broken from the outside. He spot a dreadlock clip from one of the protestors. Terrified of bears, Gus leaves Shawn.

Shawn finds the protestor at a nearby restraurant. The man, McLeod Sinclair, says the bear is safe. Shawn convinces him he wants to find the real killer also and they are on the same team.

Gus returns home to find the bear is the Psych office. He’s not happy, but Shawn explains they have rigged a fake electric fence to trick the bear. Shawn says they must keep the bear there to keep it from Lassie & Co.

We see Lassie guiding the search for the bear. Shawn and Gus drive behind him with a huge trailer on the back, heading for a fast food restaurant where they hour 100 fish sandwiches with tartar sauce.

Shawn and Gus go to the dead trainer’s home and find there is a $2 million life insurance policy on the bear. The policy was taken out by Banting. Shawn thinks the trainer had a copy of the policy because he was suspicious of Banting.

Jules goes to the Psych office, well aware they must have the bear.

Before she can call the information Shawn convinces her to look in the bear’s eyes. She begins to realize the bear isn’t a killer just as a tranquilizer dart hits him in the leg. Lassie’s search team has finally caught the bear.

Shawn and Gus visit the bear in its cell at the zoo. Sinclair shows up and tells them the insurance policy wouldn’t kick-in if the bear was euthanized. While they discuss what to do Shawn spots a remote heart monitor around the bear.

Shawn brings the county’s director of animal control into the station. He explains that based on the heart monitor’s information the bear was completely asleep during the five-hour window in which the trainer was killed. The bear is granted a 12-hour stay of execution.

Lauren is disappointed with Lassie becaue he seems to have discounted Shawn’s lead because he didn’t come up with it. His methods of using evidence he’s collected seems a bit dry to her. She leaves him just as Lassie spots a piece of evidence.

Shawn and Gus interview the trainer’s neighbor. He says he would hear Jasper and Deborah argue and the night of his death it got pretty heated. Deborah was jealous of a “her,” which Shawn realizes was the bear. Jasper was spending too much time with the bear.

The arrive at the fiancés house and see that Lassie’s beaten them to it and leads her away in cuffs.

Lassie brought her in based on a shirt of Deborah’s he found with blood on it. Shawn quickly figures out that the blood as hers, the result of gardening. Lauren is once again unimpressed with her older brother.

Outside Lauren starts deleting footage of Lassie in disgust. Shawn notices clips from the neighbor interview and gets an idea. He compares the fence in her video with one from a picture found at Jasper’s house.

At the neighbor’s house he starts motioning towards the fence between the properties. He intentionally lets Lassie catch-up and allows him the glory of figuring out what happened. There was a dispute between the trainer and his neighbor over the property line. The neighbor strangled him during a debate and planted the body at the zoo. Laruen once again sees her brother as a superhero.

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What did you think of The Polarizing Effect? What did you think of The first part of the back to back of Psych? Let me know in the comments section. Also, remember to follow me on Twitter for more scoop and spoilers on Psych.