Tons and tons of spoilers of Lost Season 5 Episode 2 The Lie.

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Complete Recap and Spoilers of Lost Premiere Season 5 Episode 1 Because You Left

Previously on: The Oceanic Six returned to the United States, but shared a dark secret. Sayid found Hurley, Sun found Whidmore and told him she and he had “common interests.” Jack told Kate they weren’t supposed to leave and said, “We have to go back!” Ben tracked down Jack and said they had to return and bring Locke — who was dead in a casket — with them.

Baby’s awake: An old-style clock radio read “8:14” and switched to “8:15,” when the alarm went off. A woman we haven’t yet seen said, “Baby’s awake,” and a man we had yet to identify got up, warmed a bottle and got ready for the day. He walked through the Others’ camp, into a production room where he was handed a script but said he didn’t need it. It was Dr. Marvin Candle, and he was recording the orientation films the Losties had seen in the hatch. As he was recording, someone came in and said there was a problem at “The Orchid,” which appeared to be under construction.

A drill the workers were using to bore through ground under the island suddenly melted and caused a worker’s head to practically burst. Dr. Candle warned the crew not to drill any further. He said the station was being built in its exact location because of its proximity to “what is believed to be almost limitless energy.” He said the energy, when harnessed correctly, would allow them to manipulate time. If the energy were released, Candle said, “God help us all.”

Just then, Daniel Faraday walked up wearing a construction hat and approached the spot where the drilling had been happening. “Did you hear that?” the crew boss told Daniel. “Time travel. How stupid does that guy think we are?” Faraday, who we know has been experimenting with time travel, nodded and looked longingly into the drill holes.

Back with Jack: A despondent Jack asked Ben where they were taking Locke, but Ben said they’d worry about that once they picked up Hurley. Jack said the rest of the group were “not my friends anymore.” Jack asked how this all happened. “It happened because you left, Jack,” Ben said. After getting Hurley, Ben said, they’d have to get Sun, Sayid and Kate. “I don’t see that happening,” Jack said. Ben told Jack the last time he’d seen Locke was in The Orchid station, in the green room. “I told him I was sorry for making his life so miserable,” Ben said. “Then he left.” Jack told Ben that Locke told him Sawyer, Juliet and everyone else on the island would die if Jack didn’t go back. Ben asked if Locke told Jack what happened to them after the island moved. Jack said no.

Three years earlier: Ben was in the icy underground area, turning the donkey wheel, which caused a bright flash of light in the sky that everyone on the island saw. Locke, who’d been standing next to Richard Alpert, suddenly found himself alone in the rainy jungle. Everyone else tried to figure out what was going on. Sawyer could no longer see the freighter or its plume of smoke in the distance. Bernard came running out of the trees looking for Rose, but she came out quickly. Bernard said the camp was gone. The entire camp they’d set up was gone. The kitchen, the tents, the food and water, “gone,” Bernard said. Faraday said it wasn’t gone. “It hasn’t been built yet,” Faraday said.

‘We’re going on vacation, baby’: Kate and Aaron were watching cartoons when the doorbell rang. It was Dan Norton of the law firm Agostini & Norton. He wanted to come in, but Kate wouldn’t let him. He wanted a blood sample from Kate and Aaron. He had a court order, which he said was intended “to determine your relationship to the child.” Dan said he couldn’t divulge the identity of his client. “Your client?” Kate asked. He threatened to come back with the sheriff and Kate said he should. Then she started packing quickly, stashed a wad of cash. “Where you going, mommy?” Aaron asked Kate. “We’re going on vacation, baby.”

Back on the island: Sawyer got frustrated with Faraday refusing to explain what was happening. He slapped him and said, “Now talk.” Faraday said to take the island as a record on a turntable, but now the record is skipping. “Whatever Ben Linus did down at The Orchid station, I think it may have dislodged us,” Faraday said. From what? “Time,” he said. Either the island or the people were moving through time, Faraday explained. “Everyone in your group, you’re all accounted for, right?” Faraday asked. “Not everyone,” Sawyer said, turning to Juliet and saying, “Locke.” Cut to Locke climbing to the top of a hill and nearly getting his head taken off by a small airplane that crashed to the island’s surface. Locke approached the crash site and found a ceramic Mary statue. Locke saw the plane suspended in a tree and called out to anyone in it, but there was no answer. He climbed the tree and started getting shot at. He fell and found a bullet hole in his leg. As Locke laid on the ground, something moved through the brush toward him. It was Ethan, who came with a shotgun pointed at Locke and said, “Who are you?”

Locke tried to explain he didn’t come on that plane and told Ethan he knew his name. Locke told Ethan that Ben had appointed him as Ethan’s people’s leader. “That is the most ridiculous thing I have ever heard,” Ethan said, preparing to shoot Locke when another flash of light came. Suddenly, it was dark again. Faraday said, “We’re either in the past, or in the future.”

No respect: Sun was trying to board a plane to L.A. when security locked her in a room with Charles Whidmore. He said he had her brought there because she showed him no respect by coming up to him in broad daylight. “I will be respected, Sun,” he said. He asked Sun what their “common interest” might be. “To kill Benjamin Linus,” she said.

Change of plans: Ben and Jack saw a TV news report saying Hurley was a suspect in the killing of a visitor to the mental facility where he’d been and escaped (with Sayid’s help). Sayid and Hurley hit up a drive-thru before checking into a motel room. Sayid told Hurley he killed the man at the mental hospital because he was watching Hurley. “I’m not taking any risks after Bentham died,” Sayid said. “You mean Locke?” Hurley asked. “Yes, I mean Locke,” Sayid replied. “I need a cool code name,” Hurley said. Sayid explained to Hurley that he’d been working for Ben. “If you ever have the misfortune of running into him,” Sayid said, “whatever he tells you, just do the opposite.”

Sayid kicked some serious butt on a couple of guys who were in his motel room waiting for Sayid and Hurley to return. He threw one over a balcony and killed the other one inside after a struggle and despite being shot by some darts. Some witnesses came by and saw the dead man laying in the parking lot under the balcony, just as Hurley had picked up a gun and peered down from the second or third story. One of the witnesses snapped a picture of the apparently gun-wielding Hurley with camera phone and they all scattered. Sayid was collapsing and Hurley, carrying Sayid said, “I thought this was supposed to be a safe house. We never should’ve left that island!”

Back on the island: In the dark, Sawyer, Juliet, Faraday and the gang came upon the hatch site, which was “blown up, just like we left it,” Sawyer said. They were apparently back in the future. Sawyer and Juliet wanted to get back to the beach to see if they could still warn the rest of the group about getting on the freighter, but Faraday said they couldn’t change anything that had already happened. He said if they tried to do anything different, they would fail every time. Faraday said he knew what was happening but said he couldn’t stop it. “Then who can?” Sawyer asked. Cut to Locke, also in the dark, willing himself to his feet. He went into the wreckage of the plane and saw more Mary statues. He was trying to treat his wound when he saw a torch walking around him. It was Richard Alpert, who quickly started trying to treat Locke’s shot leg. “When am I?” Locke asked Alpert, who said, “That’s all relative.” Locke asked Alpert where he went when the sky lit up. “I didn’t go anywhere, John, you did.” Alpert said he didn’t have time to explain what was going on, and told Locke that the next time they saw each other, he (Alpert) wouldn’t know who Locke was. He handed him a compass and told him to give that to him (Alpert) whenever they met again. Alpert told Locke that the only way to save the island was to get his people back — “the ones who left.” Alpert told Locke they were fine and they were already home, but he had to convince them to come back. Locke asked how he was supposed to do that. “You’re going to have to die, John,” Alpert explained.

Another flash: It was daylight again after another flash of light and Locke looked up and saw the wreckage of the airplane still in the tree. He looked at his bloody hand and saw Alpert’s compass.

‘The hatch is back’: As they looked at the hole in the ground, Juliet explained to Miles that Desmond was pushing a button in the hatch every 108 minutes to save the world. “Really?” Miles said. Another flash of light and suddenly the hatch was back. “I guess they haven’t found it yet,” Juliet said. Sawyer went to the door of the hatch and pounded on the door, demanding that Desmond, who he believed was inside, open it. Faraday told Sawyer he couldn’t change the past and Sawyer grabbed Faraday by the collar and said, “Everybody I care about just blew up on your damn boat,” Sawyer said. “I know what I can’t change.” The group was dejected and Miles asked why they were going back to the beach if there was nothing to go back to.

Faraday noticed blood coming out on Charlotte’s nose, but she insisted it was nothing. He sent her to the beach and said he had to get his bag. “Don’t dilly dally,” she said. She turned and left and Faraday ran for his notebook of time travel data and all that he knows about the Dharma Initiative. He then knocked on the door. Desmond threw it open, dressed in a yellow haz-mat-type suit and carrying a shotgun, and asked Faraday to explain why he’d been banging on the door for the last minutes. Faraday said Desmond’s name and Desmond asked if Faraday was his replacement. Faraday told Desmond to go back to Oxford University and find his mother. He started to tell Desmond her name, but there was another flash of light, and Desmond woke up in a sweat, with Penny lying next to him.

Off the island for three years: Desmond told Penny he wasn’t spooked by a dream. “It was a memory,” he said. He got dressed and went to pick up the anchor on their sailboat. “We’re leaving,” he told Penny, who asked to where. “Oxford,” Desmond said.