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Complete Recap and Spoilers of Lost Season 5 Episode 2 The Lie

Three Years Ago: Jack and the rest of the group that had left the island were trying to figure out what their story would be and whether they were all on board with it. “I don’t think we should lie, dude,” Hurley said. He asked Penny if there was any way she could just call her father off. Hurley knew that people would think he was crazy if he told the truth about what had happened with the island. He asked Sayid to back him up, but Sayid said they had to lie. “I’m going to remember this,” Hurley said, “and somebody you’re going to need my help, and I’m telling you right now, you’re not getting it.” Sayid said nothing.

‘Sayid, wake up’: Sayid was unconscious in the passenger’s seat of a car as Hurley tried to drive and revive him at the same time. Hurley smashed over a newsstand and was pulled over by a cop — it was Ana Lucia! “What if I were real?” she told him. She told him to “pull it together — you’ve got a lot of work to do.” She told him not to get arrested. She then added, “Libby says hi.” Hurley looked in his rear-view mirror and there was no police car there.

Light my fire: Bernard and Rose were trying to start a fire. Juliet found their motor boat. Faraday finally returned to the group a good two hours from when they left him. Faraday said he needed to determine where they were in time.

Dude, wake up: Hurley was still trying to revive Sayid, but left Sayid in the passenger’s seat so he could go into a mini-mart. The girl behind the counter recognized Hurley as the guy who won the lottery. Hurley left and as he got onto the freeway, Kate turned off. Kate, pulled over in her car, tried to call Jack but there was no answer. Then her phone rang and she said they’d meet in half an hour. She Aaron they were going “to see a friend.”

Ben told Jack he’d flushed his pills down the toilet. “Thank you,” Jack said. “I was just going to do that myself.” Ben told Jack, “You’re going home, so find yourself a suitcase. If there’s anything in this life you’d ever want, pack it in there. Because you’re never coming back.” Ben was leaving to move Locke’s casket somewhere safe. He promised he’d see Jack in six hours.

Hurley’s dad was just sitting down to enjoy a sandwich and some celebrity gossip TV when there was a knock at the door. It was Hurley, carrying Sayid over his shoulder. “Hey, dad,” Hurley said. “How’s it going?” Hurley told his dad he was in danger, but didn’t know from who. There was a ring at the door. It was the cops, and Hurley asked his dad to cover for him. They left. “You killed three people?” Hurley’s dad asked him. “No, Sayid did,” Hurley said. Hurley refused to take Sayid to the hospital. “People are trying to kill us,” Hurley said. “If we go to a hospital, they’ll find us. Like ‘The Godfather.’ It’s the last place you go, everybody knows it. They’ll smother you with pillows and make it look like an accident.”

Kate and Aaron arrived at a big, fancy hotel and went all the way to the top floor to meet Sun.

Ben went into a butcher shop and asked the woman there, Jill, to watch something that was very important. She said everything was going right on schedule and she asked, “How’s it going with Shepherd?” Ben said “he’s with us” and Jill made a quip about Jack’s pill addiction. “Cut the man some slack,” Ben said. “He’s been through a lot. We all have.” She apologized. Ben told Jill to “keep him safe, because if you don’t, everything we’re about to do won’t matter at all.”

Back on the island: Bernard still struggled to start a new fire and Faraday and Charlotte went off to the beach to eat coconuts. Charlotte said she couldn’t shake her headache and told Faraday that she earlier was thinking of her mom and couldn’t seem to remember her mother’s maiden name. He didn’t say much and she asked him if he knew what was happening to her.

A new guy named Neil on the beach started to lose it a little about the fact that he was tired and hungry and Bernard couldn’t start the fire. Sawyer told him to ease up, but Neil said, “I’m not going to ease up,” and continued shouting, “We can’t even get fire!” Just then, he took a flaming arrow to the chest, and the group looked back in the direction where it came from and saw there were more flaming arrows headed their way. That solves the fire problem.

It was pandemonium as arrows came at the group endlessly and Sawyer shouted for everyone to get to the creek.

Hurley noticed the cops were on a stakeout in front of his house. “They think you’re crazy enough to come back home!” his dad said. “Well are you… crazy?” he asked. Hurley asked if he thought he was crazy. “I’m not crazy,” Hurley said. “I have a really good reason why I’m lying to you.” Hurley’s mom saw Sayid downstairs and said he wasn’t breathing. Hurley promised his mom everything was going to make sense. Hurley’s dad drove out of the garage and smiled nervously at the cops as he passed by them.

Kate and Sun caught up a bit, shared kid stories. Sun said her daughter, Ji Yeon, was back in Seoul with her grandmother. Kate told Sun that someone knows they were lying. She told Sun about the lawyers who went to her house. Sun said the men weren’t interested in exposing the lie, because they would already have done it. They just want Aaron, she suggested, and “you have to take care of them.” Kate was a little taken aback at the suggestion. “What kind of a person do you think I am?” Kate asked. Sun had a flashback of Jin trying to catch up to the helicopter, then told Kate she was the kind of person who can make difficult decisions when she has to. Sun recalled Kate telling her that she would go back for Jin, and she never did. “I’m sorry,” Kate said. “I don’t blame you,” Sun assured her. Then she asked, “How’s Jack?” Kate said nothing.

Hurley’s dad met up with Jack and showed him Sayid, who was stashed in his trunk. Jack wanted to take Sayid to the hospital and Hurley’s dad relented, but told Jack to stay away from Hurley. “Whatever it is you talked him into, something tells me you don’t have his best interests at heart,” he said. Jack showed up at the hospital and called Ben, saying, “You’ll never guess who just showed up at my door — Sayid.”

Hurley’s mom pressed her son about why anyone would want to hurt him. “We lied, ma!” Hurley finally spilled. “All of us — The Oceanic Six, we lied about what happened after the crash.” She asked what did happen. Hurley told the story about the crash, the smoke monster, the hatch, the button that had to be pushed every 108 minutes, “The Others,” the Dharma Initiative, the “worse people coming on the freighter” who Desmond’s girlfriend’s sent to kill them, the freighter explosion, the helicopter crash in the ocean that left six of them. “But the rest of the people,” Hurley said, crying, “who were on the plane — they’re still on that island.” His mother looked at him, worried. She touched his arm and said, “I believe you. I don’t understand you, but I believe you.” He said this bad stuff was happening “because, well… we shouldn’t have lied.”

Back on the island: Sawyer and Juliet were slogging through the jungle when Sawyer had something jam into his bare foot. They were heading to the creek to meet everyone else when they heard rustling in the brush. They hid for a moment, but a couple of uniformed men grabbed them and one came up and held them at gunpoint, asking, “What are you doing on our island?”

‘It’s Jack!’: Jack was pumping Sayid with drugs at the hospital, trying to counteract whatever was on the dart Sayid was shot with. When Sayid finally opened his eyes, he grabbed Jack by the throat for a moment, before Jack convinced him he was a friend. Sayid asked where Hurley was and Jack told him Hurley was at home. “Does anyone else know he’s there?” Sayid asked. Jack said nothing.

Ben slipped into Hurley’s quietly, said, “Hello, Hugo,” and Hurley tossed a Hot Pocket at him. Hurley told Ben to get away from him and that Sayid had warned him about Ben. Ben tried to convinced Hurley that he was going to take him to Sayid. Hurley said he couldn’t trust Ben and that Sayid and Jack wouldn’t, either. “In their defense, I am not an easy person to trust,” Ben said. “But they came around when they realized that we all want the same thing.” “What’s that?” Hurley asked. “To go back to the island,” Ben said.

Ben told Hurley to come with them and he wouldn’t have to lie and hide and worry “about the stories and the deception.” “If you come with me,” Ben said, “you won’t ever have to lie again.” Just when it looked like Hurley might give in, he said, “Never, dude,” and ran out the front door into the waiting arms of the police. He confessed to the murders that Sayid committed and told the cops, “Just get me out of here.”

Back on the island: The man who attacked Sawyer and Juliet wanted to know who they were, how many people they were with and why they were on the island. He threatened to cut off Juliet’s “other hand,” saying the first hand isn’t negotiable because he wanted to show them how serious he was.

Sawyer was trying to tell the man anything he wanted to know just as someone was about to cut off Juliet’s hand, and a couple of well places rocks and a knife conspired to subdue the attackers and leave Juliet holding the gun and Sawyer throwing punches. Locke emerged from the bushes, took his knife out of the chest of one man and said, “James, Juliet. Nice to see you.”

‘Then God help us all’: A woman wrote equations on a chalk board in a dark room, where a pendulum swung and drew lines that crossed at a center point. A computer with a world map on it beeped and flashed the words, “Event Window Determined.” The woman typed at the keyboard as we saw the pendulum continue swinging. She went up a spiral staircase to an altar, where Ben was lighting candles.

“Any luck?” Ben asked. “Yes,” the woman said. Ben said he was having some difficulties. “You better get busy,” she said. “You only have 70 hours.”

“I lost Reyes tonight,” Ben told the woman. “What happens if I can’t get them all to come back?”

“Then God help us all,” the woman said.