Human Target is a great action show, and last week came back with two back to back episodes. One called Imbroglio, and other called Cool Hand Guerrero.

Therefore, it´s time for us to review the Best Quotes from Human Target.

Best Quotes from Human Target S02E09 – Imbroglio

human-target-spoilers-quotes-imbroglioChance and Ilsa must protect her sister-in-law when a night at the opera turns into a hostage situation.

Connie: Car chases and shootouts don´t exactly fit our mission statement

Connie: Even though he´s gone I still consider you family

Chance: Guerrero, let´s do this

Chance: It´s nothing that I know of, I just have a bad feeling

Chance: I hate it when I´m right

Chance: These guys are for real
Patrick: So am I

Winston: Man, I hate it when you are right

Guerrero: Chance can vomit on cue

Ilsa: It really worked

Guerrero: Hey, it´s ok. Anybody can make mistakes

Chance: Nobody cares the way you see it. You are not the operative

Chance: Nice teamwork pal

Guerrero: I´m gonna say this once. Walk away now and nobody gets hurt

Ilsa: In case you didn´t notice I saved your life
Chance: You are not supposed to save my life. I am supposed to save yours.

Chance: Ok, little help? A ladder anywhere?

Vince: Who are you?
Winston: Just a citizen who´s concerned

Connie: You and your little team saved those people there

Connie: As I said. We are family

Best Quotes from Human Target S02E10 – Cool Hand Guerrero

human-target-spoilers-quotes-cool-hand-guerreroGuerrero: You are not gonna clear customs. You look guilty. Infectious

Chance: There´s something you´d have to know about Guerrero. He goes missing sometimes

Winston: You don´t want to know

Guerrero: Damned Jerry, what did you get me into

Chance: Winston, we have a problem
Winston: What? They electrocute him already?
Chance: He wants to bust out

Chance: We need to protect Guerrero from himself

Winston: Both the receipt and the weapon found on Guerrero´s car
Chance: Well, that´s how you know he didn´t do it

Ames: You heard of Fort Knox, right? Well imagine it in a briefcase

Winston: I´ve known him for six years now and I don´t know his first name. Do you?
Chance: Well, he changes it every now and then

Guerrero: Dude. I´m in the middle of a jailbreak here

Chance: You gotta go back in. Hey. Trust me

Ames: So what do we know about Guerrero?
Ilsa: That he wears glasses.

Winston: Oh, that definitely ain´t Guerrero

Chance: I´m here to turn myself in, officer. I´m the guy who robbed Gun World

Winston: Before Guerrero does something regretable

Warden: I´ll be damned. Cowboy´s made himself a friend

Chance: I´m the guy who robbed Gun World. But that´s enough about me. Let´s focus on you

Guerrero: He killed my friend and framed me for it

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