castle-spoilers-castle-kiss-beckett-quotesWe anticipated: Laura Prepon joined Castle as Nikki Heat actress Natalie Rhodes. We also anticipated Castle saying “Will you Marry me” to Beckett.
And today was the big day ABC renewed Castle for season four.And also, a new episode of Castle called Knockdown. In this one, The detective on Beckett’s mother’s homicide case is killed after telling her he has information.

Castle Spoiler Alert!

We get to see Castle kissing Beckett!

Best Quotes from Castle S03E13 – Knockdown

Detective Pulgatti: We need to talk about your mother case. There´s something you need to know

Beckett: Can we talk for a second?

Det Pulgatti: So who the hell is this?
Beckett: Someone I trust

Beckett: Tell me what I don´t know about my mother´s murder

Det Pulgatti: Your mother´s case, that one weighs a ton

Det Pulgatti: I did what I was told. And I kept quiet because I was afraid

Castle: You´re hit!
Beckett: I´m ok, it´s not my blood

Beckett: How about I drop you in your place
Castle: Not a chance

Jim Beckett: If it was my case, I´d take a hard look on Vulcan Simmons

Vulcan Simmons: You know detective Beckett, I do remember her. Bleeding out on an alley like the trash she was. Rich bitch from uptown, on safari on the heights. Someone should´ve warned her not to feed or tease the animals. If they had, she might not have gotten eaten

Captain Montgomery: You are out of this case
Beckett: No sir, you can´t do that
Capt: I just did

Capt: I don´t need you playing Nanct Drew on this one

Martha: You have written 22 novels before you met her, and you didn´t need to spend every day in a police station in order to finish them
Castle: It´s not about the books anymore (Yes this line meas “I love Beckett“)

Castle: Where´s Josh?
Beckett: He´s in Africa, saving the world

Castle: All the best cops Dirty Harry, Cobra, guy from Police Academy who makes helicopter noises. They all have one thing in common.
Beckett: Plucky sidekick
Castle: That, and they do their best work when they get booted off a case

Beckett: I guess I gotta show you something

Beckett: This is where my mom was murdered

Esposito: He´s been watching her

Ryan: We don´t care about this. Him. We want

Beckett: Why do you keep coming back then?

Beckett: Why do you keep coming back then?

Castle: Like it or not, I´m your plucky sidekick
Beckett: Plucky sidekicks always get killed
Castle: Partner then

Capt: We´ll talk about the definition of a direct order later. What did you find out?

Capt: Get that son of a bitch

Ryan: I used to be in a catholic school. They did this to us when we talked in class

Castle: That was amazing. The way you knocked him over

Ryan: Ok, ok. The cops already know everything about me and your mom

Beckett: Thank you for having my back there
Castle: Always

I can´t believe that finally Castle and Beckett kissed! Yes, that´s right Castle and Beckett kissed; as you can see in the photo of the kiss of Beckett and Castle, that is not a spoof, but a caption from the episode. Castle kissed Beckett. What will that mean? Ok, it was for the case… but was it? I guess not. That look on Beckett´s face after Castle kissed her was not a false kiss face.

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