dexter-season-5-spoilers-recap-my-badDexter Premiered a new season yesterday, with an episode called My Bad, following the tragic death of Rita in the hands of the Trinity Killer.

How will we survive the best season of Dexter so far? And not having either Julie Benz as Rita or John Lithgow as the Trinity Killer

Well, let´s see: They are bringing in Julia Stiles, maybe as a replacement for Julie Benz… but can Rita really be replaced?

We have many many questions regarding the new season of Dexter. But this post is filled of Dexter Season 5 premiere spoilers, so in case you haven´t seen it, this is my warning.

Complete Recap and Spoilers of Dexter Season 5 Premiere S05E01 – My Bad

Open with Dexter holding Harrison as the police arrive at his home. Seemingly in a daze he says to the officers when they try and take Harrison. Deb rushes up and Dexter says “Rita’s inside. It was me.”

Quinn and Masuka examine Rita’s body. It is Trinity’s MO, though he never killed a married woman. Maria and Angel arrive. Almost immediately she turns around and goes to the living room. She tells them the case has already been handed over to the FBI. The guys aren’t happy.

Dexter is taken to the FBI’s evidence truck. An agent starts to ask Dexter about his “It was me” comment and Deb tells them to schedule a time to question him.

Deb takes Dexter and Harrison to her apartment. She asks him about the comment but he says nothing.

At the station the guys listen to Dexter’s 911 call. He seems shockingly emotionless. Maria walks over and reminds them the case belongs to the feds. Masuka tells Quinn about telling Dexter he saw Rita kissing Elliot.

Rita’s parents call Dexter from Disney World. They have Astor and Cody and have no idea what happened to Rita. Dexter tells them only that they need to come to Deb’s apartment when they return. Deb’s wonders why he didn’t say anything and he says he wanted them to have one more good day.

Dexter and Deb work on the arrangements for Rita’s service. Dexter excuses himself and wanders over to another funeral.

We flashback to Dexter and Rita’s first date. They were set up by Deb. It is clear that Dexter is watching a shady-looking character sitting in a different part of the restaurant.

Deb finds Dexter and tells him the funeral will be in two days. She’s made most of the arrangements.

Deb goes to Dexter’s house to clean up and finds Quinn sitting on the lawn. After they’re done Deb begins to get emotional and stats kissing Quinn. They start taking off each other’s clothes.

Astor, Cody and Rita’s parents pound on the door of Deb’s apartment. They are home early. Astor places a Mickey Mouse hat on Dexter’s head where it remains as he tells them that a man broke into their home and killed Rita. Astor plucks the hat off Dexter’s head and runs out of the apartment.

Dexter finds her sitting on the curb crying. She says that she can tell by looking at Dexter that he doesn’t even care and he should have been there to protect her. She says she wishes Dexter was dead.

Post-sex Deb and Quinn look for a dress to bury Rita. The conversation is awkward and Deb leaves abruptly. Quinn spots Elliot and walks over to speak with him. Quinn references Elliot’s emotion and asks whether there was a relationship. Elliot admits to the kiss and tells Quinn about Dexter punching him.

Deb returns home with the dresses and Dexter tells her about Astor. She reassures him that Trinity is to blame for her death and Rita was lucky to have him in her life.

Dexter flashes back to the date with Rita. Dexter excuses himself and follows the man into the parking lot. He knocks him out with an injection and sticks him in his trunk. Dexter returns to the table and tells Rita he has to leave.

Dexter whispers to the sleeping Harrison that Astor was right about him.

The next day Dexter is on the computer deleting files. Dexter asks Deb to help raise Harrison as if she was his mother. Deb mentions the importance Dexter will play in his life and Dexter makes a disparaging comment about himself. Deb hugs him but the embrace is awkward.

Quinn tells Maria about Rita and Elliot. Maria is upset he was prying into a case that isn’t theirs.

Maria calls Deb to tell her Dexter didn’t show for his interview with the FBI.

Deb returns home to find a neighbor watching Harrison. Dexter isn’t answering his phone and Deb is beginning to panic.

Cut to Dexter at the funeral home. He is talking to Rita’s body. He says the kids will be okay with Deb and admits to being a serial killer before leaving.

Dexter goes to the container and removes a suit, his tools and the blood slides. He then pours gasoline over everything and sets it on fire. We see him on his boat and hear via his thoughts that he is about to disappear.

Before the funeral Deb tries to call Dexter again. Standing on his boat he ignores the call.

This flashes us back to Rita calling Dexter the night of their date. He is disposing of a body and she admits to having two kids. Dexter seems fine with that information and suggests they see each other again. She says Dexter “makes me feel good, like things could be different.”

Dexter gets gas for his boat. Inside the station he runs into a jerk complaining about the lack of service. Dexter follows him into the bathroom and eventually kills him. At this point Harry shows up and says Dexter is finally acting human. Dexter screams in pain and Harry assures him his family is not better off without him and he needs to return.

With Rita’s funeral delayed by the lack of Dexter, Maria explains to Angel that the death of Rita scared her. Quinn and Deb wonder where Dexter could be. Quinn starts to tell her about Elliot as Dexter pulls up. Dexter gives the eulogy. He refers to Rita as innocent and says he will try and go on with the help of friends and family who loved her. “Like I did,” he thinks to himself as the episode ends.

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