who-do-you-think-you-are-cancelled-renewedNBC had cancelled this show last year, and it even marked a drop for the interest in genealogy companies, even making share values down in NASDAQ, but now, there´s a lot of people celebrating that a pickup has been announced and this is a show that is coming back from the cancellation hell to one more season, and even though the commitment is for only eight more episodes, it is still a whole lot better than none, right?

After months of negotiations and rumours about it, now it´s official that TLC ordered eight hour long episodes for a first run in the cabler. So this will act as season four overall, and first on TLC.

Among the episodes announced for this season are the ones about Married With Children´s Christina Applegate, Supermodel Cindy Crawford, Hipster goddess Zooey Deschanel and NCIS LA star Chris O´Donnell.

The date targeted for premiere is July 23  on TLC and perhaps can mark the rebirth of genealogy interest on television.

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