TV Land has a nice set of Sitcoms on Wednesday nights, after Hot in Cleveland with Betty White, a newcomer show Retired at 35, Retired at 35 is an American sitcom on TV Land starring George Segal, Jessica Walter, Johnathan McClain, Josh McDermitt and Ryan Michelle Bathe.
The series follows a successful New Yorker named David (Johnathan McClain), who decides to leave the rat race and his job in the big city and move in with his father (George Segal) and mother (Jessica Walter) who live in a retirement community in Florida to reconnect with them, re-evaluate his life and live the dream of retirement that so many are working toward.

Tonight, a new episode of Retired at 35 aired called David´s Room in which Elaine and Alan battle for David’s affections by buying him fancy gifts. Alan learns that he loves being alone.

Best Quotes from Retired at 35 S01E04 – David´s Room

Alan: I´m in three Lipitor
David: I see your three Lipitors and raise you two Plavics

Richard: I even threw one of my blues and tomorrow´s my anniversary

Alan: Grab his feet, we´ll carry him home

Alan: This ball´s from me, not your mother, me

Alan: Tell David the ball fairy was here

David: Oh my God, it´s like lying in a thousand puppies

Brandon: Can you believe these new uniforms?
David: They are awesome!
Jessica: Can you believe these new uniforms?
David: They are awful!

David: It´s getting a little childish
Alan: She started it
Elaine: Did not
Alan: Did too

Richard: I wish I had been here. To witness the happiness not the naked

Alan: People is overrated

Alan: Turns out I´m a Lone Wolf

Elaine: Honey, silence is golden
David: That one I get
Elaine: Do youm David?

David: Mom, why did you pull the plug?
Elaine: Feel free to do the same to me in twenty years

Alan: What about sundays?
Elaine: He´s on his own on sunday

Brandon: You are like a rapper who just got busted by the IRS

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