royal-pains-spoilers-quotes-history-violinsGood TV is back! Well… set your calendars, since Royal Pains comes back every Thursday 9/8 C on USA.

Last week a new episode aired, called A History of Violins in which Hank treats a teen music prodigy with overprotective parents. Elsewhere, Evan overhears a private conversation between the General and his pals.

Best Quotes from Royal Pains – S02E15 – A History of Violins

General: You are lucky I´m not armed

General: Your reckon ability is lacking, also your grammar

Hank: Her sore throat may not be a medical mistery

Hank: Are you seriously pulling doctor patient confidentiality on me?

Evan: Please, tell me you forgive me

Hank: I like geeks, I was a med school geeks once myself

General: Gentleman I am intrigued, but I´m not convinced, and until I am, this meeting never happened

Hank: Divya, when should we stop pretending I don´t know Adam is the patient you became involved with?

Paige: Can you see me wearing an American Flag?
Evan: I´m picturing it right now

General: Consider yourself my enmendre

Hank: We broke up. I had to end it

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