royal-pains-spoilers-quotes-astraphobiaGood TV is back! Well… set your calendars, since Royal Pains comes back every Thursday 9/8 C on USA. Last week a new episode aired, called Astraphobia in which A major storm approaches the Hamptons, and Evan goes to extremes to prepare for it. Divya, however, thinks his odd behavior stems from something else. Meanwhile, Hank encounters a park ranger on a dangerous mission to reproduce side effects he once experienced after being struck by lightning.

The biggest question spoiler from Royal Pains is: Are Hank and Jill getting back together?

Best Quotes from Royal Pains – S02E16 – Astraphobia

Ranger Pete: The best thing about nature is that you are never alone

Ranger Pete: The Park is full of life

Evan: This isn´t about merchandising. This is about survival

Divya: Why would I get lost? And why would I want to be you the one to find me?

Hank: has always been afraid of thunder storms

Hank: Sir, what happened to you?
Ranger Pete: I have no idea

Evan: So you are really a stormchaser, huh?
Yes, really, and no, I haven´t seen the movie or the TV Show

Stacy: He´s the only guy in my life I can rely on (while talking about Zeus)

Stacy: You can´t buy I reliable guy. I invented him.

Jill: Man up city boy
Hank: Tomorrow night it is, then

Hank: Pete, you may wanna change
Pete: Well, I´ll do it in the car
Hank: Pete, you can´t go out like this

Hank: I can´t play the odds, and neither can you

Stacy: I think you broke my hard drive
Hank: I need to make sure that´s the only thing is broken

Stacy: Wow, that´s weird
Pete: Yeah, I´d say

Stacy: I guess I rescued you too hard

Stacy: Connecting to nature in such a primal way. Kinda makes you a rockstar, in meteorological circles

Hank: I just wanted to let you know Emily and I broke up
Jill: Oh

Divya: I guess this is a bigger place to work, and your refrigerator is more stuffed than mine

Jill: Like I was saying, raincheck
Hank: Exactly

Divya: Maybe you should watch Twilight
Evan: Watched it. Team Edward

Hank: That was probably the worst idea ever
Jill: Sounded like a good idea at the time

Divya: Looks like they rescued each other

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