lexie_grey_greys_anatomyGrey´s Anatomy is turning and turning… and if it weren´t for the always great Dr Miranda Bailey (Chandra Wilson), and the funnier every episode Callie Torres and Mark Sloan, the show would have fallen down the Izzie Stevens sixth sense fiasco (fortunately that´s endind soon, since Izzie Stevens may be dying).

Well, now Chyler Leigh who plays Little Grey or Doctor Lexie Grey in the show is expecting her third baby, a girl, that her and her husband, Nathan West, are welcoming in the spring.

Will this change the course of the show? Will we see Mark Sloan a dad?

Is Lexie grey carrying Sloan´s baby?

Apparently not… since the writers won´t write Chyler Leigh´s pregnancy into the show…

Here´s an excerpt of one of the latest Chyler Leigh´s interview from the Cradle.

On becoming a mom for the third time: My husband and I are very excited to be having another baby! Not to mention our son is thrilled to be having another sibling. Our daughter, being two, doesn’t really understand what’s going on quite yet.

On doing things differently this time around: Well, since I’ll be filming Grey’s Anatomy up until about a week or two until I deliver, I’ll be on camera nearly the entire time. So, I’ve put a focus on eating very well and exercising. The first time I was pregnant, I gained about 55 pounds and it was difficult to lose. The second time, it was about 40 pounds. Having a three year old already, shedding the weight was easier that second time around. And so this time, I am hoping to gain around 30 pounds.

On hiding her pregnancy on the show: The writers will not be writing the pregnancy into the show, so yes…the belly will be hidden behind medical equipment, charts, etc.

On balancing it all: It’s all about the scheduling and communication with my husband. And we both adamantly agree that when you have a healthy marriage, you have healthy children. So we take time for date nights and also plan the week(s) ahead so that we stay consistent for the kids and keep ourselves balanced, happy, and as calm as possible.

On the baby name: For number three, another girl, we’re still throwing around a few ideas. But.. he gets to pick her first name.