save-lie-to-me-campaign-fox-renewLie to Me ends season three next week while yesterday aired episode 13 and we will not know what will happen with the show until May when Fox announces pickups.

But we, as fans, can do something to help Fox decision to renew Lie To Me for season four.

We started doing that last night, as folks at TVLine put it:

Fox enjoyed its most watched Monday night of the 2010-11 TV season to date, as House won the 8 o’clock hour and Lie To Me delivered its best numbers in well over a year.

House kicked off the night with an audience of 10.44 million total viewers, and a 3.7 rating in the 18-to-49 demo (up 6 percent week-to-week). Lie To Me in turn scored 7.66 million viewers (its best audience since October 2009) and a 2.4 rating (representing a 14-month high).

Lie To Me has only one episode left to air this season, next week’s Social Network-y “Killer App.” Hopefully this week’s surge will help the series earn a Season 4 pick-up.

Fans created the Save Lie To Me Page on Facebook. And the Save Lie To Me Fan Art Page on Facebook and also the SaveLieToMe website.

Yesterday, mister Tim Roth himself tweeted: “For those who don’t know… We won’t know if we have a season 4 until may… And so it goes”

He even launched the Save Lie To Me campaign frenziness:

On 1/23/2011 Tim Roth (@TimRothLietoMe) said, launch a save LTM project!

“Art.. Animation.. Painting..Poetry..Music…Movies..And so on..Make your thought count.. Let them know!!! Love and huggage and GO FOR IT!!!! xxx”

Well, what are we waiting for. We can also leave a comment here in this article´s comment section, or at Fox, or at Lie To Me Facebook Page or Twitter.

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