shit-my-dad-says-best-quotes-one-liners$#*! My Dad Says S01E13 – The Better Father aired this week

Anyday of William Shatner on TV is simply a must watch. Even if it is in the form of a yet subpar sitcom as $#*! My Dad Says.
The show gets great one liners, and a huge William Shatner, but for now, that´s mostly about it. Cast surely could do much better because it has the chops. Perhaps that´s why I´m harsh to the show, I expect much more from it because I know it can deliver.

In this one, when Bonnie and Vince learn that their first wedding wasn’t legal, they plan a new ceremony, but Ed wants to break-up with them when he finds out that Bonnie’s father is coming.

Best Quotes and Oneliners from $#*! My Dad Says S01E13 The Better Father

Ed: Paper is like a woman. If you are gonna share it, be sure you go first

Bonnie: I´m gonna give you 80 dollars. Surprise me.
Ed: Last time I said that I woke up naked in a wheelbarrel

Ed: There are two kinds of people you don´t trust. Anyone who doesn´t tell you what they do for a living, and those people who wear umbrella hats

Ed: You are dumber than you look. And you look very dumb

Terry: Haven´t you ever made a mistake?
Ed: Yes. Two- They are both upstairs

Vince: I Yo-yo Henry. Skinny bitches like you wouldn´t understand

Ed: That check will bounce, like the groom´s boobs

Terry: If I take those 500 and turned them into 5000 I´ll be able to make up for being a gamble addict

Vince: I look like a sausage getting married

Ed: Holy Cow, the sky is falling

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