After the news of Paula Abdul not rejoining next season of American Idol, fans started to send Direct Messages on Twitter to Idol News And then in the Idol News Blog they started a Petition To Keep Paula Abdul on American Idol

Put ONLY your name, city and state in the comment section of this post. This post will serve as a petition that we will send off in a link to FOX twitter accounts and producers of American Idol. Anyone who comments with more than their name city and state will be immediately removed and disqualified and their name will then not count on this petition. Also those who enter multiple times on this petition will also be immediately removed from the list and their name will not count. In addition, people who use fake names or pretend to be celebrities, whether from American Idol or not, will be disqualified as well.

By putting only your name, city and state as a comment of this blog post, you are indicating that you support Paula Abdul to stay on American Idol.

So, go there and Sign the Petition to Keep Paula Abdul on American Idol.

Let´s hope Paula Abdul stays on American Idol then!