photo-of-chase-proposing-to-cameron After the much loved Chameron wedding, that left us with the bitersweet taste since House went to the looney bin, this year´s going to be awesome for the Chameron fans!

Cameron and Chase will be back working with House

After two years spent mostly on the sidelines, Jennifer Morrison and Jesse Spencer will be back in the trenches on House this season.

“They are both thrown back into their old jobs,” Morrison told Entertainment Weekly at last night’s Teen Choice Awards. “It’s been great actually. I have been working a lot and there are things that happen to House very early in the season that have a domino effect on all of the other characters.”
Those “things” involve a shake-up at Princeton Plainsboro that finds Foreman filling in for an ailing House as the hospital’s top doc. The transition is rocky to say the least. “Cameron was always very close and protective of House,” she says. “And to have her mentor be away in an asylum makes her contemplate life and career and him. Having him gone affects everyone he works with, personally and professionally.”
Further complicating matters will be Cameron and Chase’s status as newlyweds. “This season starts a few months from where we left off last season in the finale and Chase and Cameron are finding their groove as a married couple,” reveals Morrison, who hints at some friction now that they’re working alongside each other again. “That might put some strain on the marriage.
“They’re taking things up a notch [this season],” Morrison continues. “I think the audience will be able to enjoy seeing new things from all of us.”
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