paula-abdul-sitting-on-simon-cowell-lap-romanceFor the last couple of weeks Simon Cowell and Paula Abdul have been fooling around, touching each other, kissing each other both on and off camera.

We already said something about the truth of the romance between Simon Cowell and Paula Abdul.

Today, as Simon Cowell says he´s too full of work, he said this Simon Cowell Quote: everything is cool between him and ex Terri Seymour and that he’s “not dating, I’m just quite happy being single for a while, going out with my friends and you can do pretty much what you want now. … I’m probably quite difficult to live with. How you live and your surroundings are really important, you’ve got to have peace. … I’m quite a stickler for stuff like that. There are lots of attractive people in this town and I’ve got so many friends here now. … But I’m a good single person.”

So… what do you think about this possible or not Paula Abdul – Simon Cowell romance?

P.S.: The look on Paula Abdul´s eyes doesn´t lie, right?