slam-dunk-vol-29-book-reviewPutting aside the fact that it is reading a comic book about japanese highschool basketball, once you get past that, you can enjoy the comic story and the drawings and the characters. The story of this volume is about a player that is so good that is going to try and find new challenges in America, because there are no other players in Japan that actually can be a threat to them.

That is, until a freshman player does, in his last game in Japan.

The comic goes back and forth between the back story for the main character and the game itself. Even though both characters are fierce competitors, there is not one other likeable thing in any of them, and the way they play basketball in the fiction is probably a good way to explain why Japan can´t even qualify for big tournaments. That´s not the way you play organized basketball. And the trash talk in the comic is also another reason why there´s a long way for Japanese basketball to go.

Now, back to the comic book itself. It is a fast read that takes you an hour to read entirely, and you can enjoy it. That is, if you don´t want to analyze it from a basketball point of view.

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