Getting Netflix is always good when you have the chance to go back and watch again all over a show like The IT Crowd, so, instead of going through the extensive catalog of things I haven´t watched, I made a sure bet and started watch The IT Crowd from the first episode on, all again. And to make it look like work, I started taking notes of the best quotes from the show, to do both here, and some of them as strips on Pinterest.

So, make sure you check out best quotes from The IT Crowd´s first season, also the best quotes from The IT Crowd second season, and also  the IT Crowd Pinboard on Pinterest I´ve done. But now, back to season three.


Roy: He basically went on a pee parade on the house.

Roy (roleplaying as bully): Them glasses is shit, I´n It?
Moss: (Crying). It´s too real, Roy, it´s too real.
Roy: I won´t do the voice.

Roy: You stupid hair.

Douglas: I can´t hear you. Can´t you see we are having an iPod party?

Douglas: Best accounting team I´ve ever had.

Roy: That´s why you called me all the way up here? To open your laptop?

Jen: I don´t fancy you, you big ugly builder. I´m trying to stop you having a piddle party in my house.

Jen: You, this is all beacuse of you.

Moss: Revenge, that would be upper most upon my mind. I want to wee on everywhere. I´m going to taint her abode. I´m going to strain my personal potatoes throughout her premises.

Roy: I´ve often found that the best solution is the simplest.

Douglas: Take that, lolly-pop man.

Roy: What was that? You were saying football things in a football voice. How do you know
about football things?

Roy: I´m funny, why can´t I be over there making them laugh?
Moss: They are proper men, Roy.

Moss: Just promise me we won´t do anything else with them. I want to go back to being
weird. I like being weird. Weird´s all I´ve got. That and my sweet style.

Roy: You have reached your destination.

Michael: What is it about me, Jen?
Jen: It´s everything.

Jen: Does it hurt?
Douglas: It´s like being tased in the balls, except painful.

Moss: I don´t remember anything. I went to Moss´ happy place.

Old Lady: I feel sort of dizzy all of a sudden.
Moss: Well, you are terrifically old. But don´t worry, not long now until you´re at peace.

Jen: They turned me into one of them. I am one of them.

Jen: Ich bin ein nerd!

Douglas: You there, computer man, fix my pants.

Moss: I´m in my happy place.

Douglas: I am not very good. I´m no Truman Capote

April: Who is your favorite person in history?
Douglas: Sherlock Holmes.

Douglas: I am a surprising man.

Moss: Every employee of the month has to give a speech in their area of expertise.
Roy: Which in your case is Computers.

Moss: Sometimes I could kiss your mind, Roy.

Moss: You better put seatbelts on your ears, Roy. Because I´m going to take them for the
ride of their lives.

Douglas: I´m not most men.

Roy: What is Jen doing with The Internet?

Roy: I´m sorry Jen, but the Elders of the Internet would never stand for it.

Jen: The Elders of the Internet know who I am?

Ad: Friendface, friendface, friendface.

Ad: Don´t think about germs now, that analogy is over.

Roy: Jennywenny@friendface. Oh no you haven´t joined Friendface have you?

Moss: I´ve got more important things than to talk with friends and flirt with people, thank you very much.

Roy: You know Jen, you can change your settings on Friendface so you don´t have to
have that annouying bleep every time you get a message.

Roy: That was a classic Moss Line

Jen: I love this, I feel so social.

Roy: I love Cuke, it´s heaven in a can.

Roy: Jen, don´t get too obsessed by that.

Jen: (Walking out of her office) Excuse me, some of us are trying to sleep over here.

Roy: Not you Jen, this girl.

Roy: I´m not proud of it. It´s not going on my CV. Every man has a story like this.
Jen: You´ve told me a few stories like this.
Roy: Every man has a few stories like this.

Roy: It was like breaking up with the joker.

Moss: My mom´s on Friendface, my mom! I´ve opened up another channel of communication with my mom.

Roy: Why didn´t you just not accept her request as a friend?
Moss: What are you? An Animal? I can´t turn down a friend request from my mom!

Jen´s friend: I didn´t know you were interested in computers.
Jen: Interested is not the word.

Jen: Roy, do you have any attractive successful looking friends?
Roy: No.

Moss: If I´m pretending to be married, I´m pretending to be sexually active.

Roy: That´s the brilliant thing about that bloody website.

Roy: I´m sorry, are you going to read a poem now? Is that what is going to really happen?

Moss: Jen, why don´t you tell them all about your bionic arm?

Douglas: Come on, be game.

Jen: Oh those bloody bastards.

Roy: There, it´s fixed.
Girl: What was wrong then?
Roy: It wasn´t turned on.

Roy: He made it sound sleazy.
Jen: It is sleazy. Oh what kind of man would want to photograph a bunch of beautiful women without any clothes on, Roy?
Roy: The kind of man who wants to help people.

Jen: You are reacting like a horny teenager.

Jen: An erotic calendar the whole family could enjoy.

Jen: Why are you doing this Roy?
Roy: Same reason I do everything. To have sex with a lady.
Jen: Aw.

Roy: What kind of society are we living in?

Roy: Kimberley is the best thing that´s ever happened to me, and she hasn´t really
happened to me yet.

Moss: You didn´t know I was on Holiday!

Douglas: This is horrible. I want to tear my eyes out.

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