roy-exercise-itcrowsdEver since I got Netflix I thought to myself, you know what, I will now watch tons of shows I have never watched and catch up on all of them, but my reality is that I watched all of Psych again, and all of Thw Twilight Zone and now I am watch The IT Crowd all over again. But, just to fool myself into thinking I am doing it not as procrastination, but as something productive, I am taking notes on some of the best random quotes from the show; and that´s how the last article about the best quotes from The IT Crowd´s first season came to be. And now here, the best from season two. (I love my job!). Make sure you also check out the IT Crowd Pinboard on Pinterest I´ve done.


Jen: What brings you to my lair?… not that I´m some sort of an animal… or maybe I am.

Jen: That could have been a date… now it´s a work outing.

Jen: Why else would he have invited me on a date?
Moss: Don´t take this the wrong way, but could he have thought you were a man?

Moss: Oh look, Richmond is still alive.

Jen: Are you not comfortable with your sexuality?
Roy: I am very comfortable with my sexuality; I don´t want to be slapped in the face with their sexuality.

Moss: I need to Wee Wee.
Roy: Me too.

Jen: Ask me what kind of phone I´ve got
Roy: What kind of phone you´ve got?
Jen: It doesn´t matter.

Moss: When was the last time you exercised?
Roy: The last time I exercised was never.

Jen: You look great. We should go to more funerals.

Derek: Thank you Jen for printing those funeral announcements.
Jen: Oh, no problem. I enjoyed doing it… in a sad way.

Roy: Oh cool, my phone. Have you souped it up?
Moss: I totally pimped up your phone, girlfriend.

Derek: You know we are burying a great man tonight?
Roy: Did someone else die?
Derek: I mean Mr Reynholm.

Moss: Your flat is way to small for this telly.

Roy: I don´t like people.
Jen: That´s not fair Roy, have you met all of them?
Roy: I´ve met enough of them. People! What a bunch of bastards!
Jen: He´s been making advances. You know, little things like asking me if I want to go
on a ride in his helicopter.
Roy: Ah, I´d like to go on a ride on a helicopter.
Jen: Well, grow a pair of tits.
Roy: Tell you what, If I did have tits, I wouldn´t mind letting someone have a go on them for a ride in a helicopter.

Douglas: How do you guys get any work done with a hot piece of finger licking chicken like that. Me I´d be a 24 hour tripod.

Moss: Usually when I try something new it ends up a disaster.

Douglas: Do you want to seal the deal with a high-five.

Jen: I though it was rude not to give him my number
Peter: Hey, I thought you asked for my number.
Jen: Ha, ha, ha. I´m not a slut.

Roy: Oh that was the end of the story… Awww!

Roy: That was… awww… buying the same kind of cheese… you made a 20 minute story out of it. Have you thought of adapting it into a film?

Moss: Well done; you bagged a normal.

Richmond: Brie?
Jen: Yeah, why?
Richmond: Nothing I had you more of a Double Gloucester person.
Moss: Yes, I know what you mean.

Roy: This is your lowest moment, you know.
Jen: I think I can live with it.

Roy: Jen, the guys and me discussed it would be better if I were to sit besides the model because I would like to ask her how I go about to be a photographer… or a model.

Jen: We need to go around some ground rules, ok? If this evening is going to work in any way you need to pretend to be normal people yeah? Keep the conversation to something
that would interest everybody, you know, nothing about memory or RAM.
Moss: Memory is RAM! Oh Dear!

Jen: Look Normal… more normal, more normal… Relax! Oh forget it!

Rachel: Oh my God, social situations.
Richmond: Oh no, I think this is my woman.

Moss: Stop it, stop it. Let me eat my food.

Richmond: You know wheb you laugh, I can see the outline of your skull. You have a beautiful skull.

Jen: So, who´s for dessert?
Roy: Isn´t this dessert?
Jen: No, that´s tartar sauce.
Roy: Can I have some dessert?
Moss: I´ll have the tartar sauce.

Moss: I can see why she´s divorced. She´s very divorceable. As soon as you meet her
you can´t wait to take her to court to get rid of her.

Jen: What are you doing?
Roy: Not that it´s any of your business but I was planning to take a little poo.

Jen: I am the head of IT, if you type Google on Google you can break the Internet.

Roy: Oh, I see why you have been having problems. This isn´t a computer. It´s a

Moss: Oh well, prepare to put mustard on those words, for you will soon be consuming
them along with this slice of humble pie that comes direct from the oven of shame set
at gas mark egg on your face.

Moss: Who am I Roy? I´m a ghost, I´m a shadow. I´m gone. Pfff

Roy: This is science. You are good at it.
What you are not good at is everything else in the world.

Jen: Where did you get pizza?
Roy: Some idiot left it in the toilet

Roy: Are you ready?
Moss: My middle name is Ready… no, that doesn´t sound right. I ate ready for

Jen: Moss, I´ve got something to tell you.
Moss: Oh My God!
Jen: Wait until I tell you.
Moss: Oh, ok, right.

Jen: What are you going to do without me?

Douglas: You know what I mean?
Jen: I do, and I disagree.

Moss: You totalled that cup, dude.

Jen: Physically You are just not the sort of man I go for. I tend to go for classically good lokking men. Blond, broad and generally quite clean-shaven.

Roy: I´d like to order a pizza, and I like it with extra grapes, please.

Jen: Mr Reynholm, the men in the IT department are my friends, they are not idiots.

Douglas: Pucker up boys, it´s hammer time.

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