clark-kent-spoilers-smallville-lois-lane-engagementIn a Smallville spoiler information, Lois and Clark are getting engaged!

Last Friday’s episode ended with Clark with an engagement ring in his hands, and coming very very soon we will learn that he pops the question to Lois, ending in Lois and Clark getting engaged on Smallville.

Kelly Souders told E! “It goes kind of where people are expecting it to go, and it’ll happen in the next three episodes.”

I don´t remember the original Superman story going this way so early in the young Clark Kent years, but this is happening to the Smallville storyline.

One of the next three episodes and Clark Kent will pop the question to Lois Lane. Now it´s just time to speculate which of this next three episodes it is. And why is he waiting that much if he already has the bling bling.

How will he propose to Lois is another question yet to be answered, but the producers assure us it will be very romantic, and we definitely trust them.

After all, it may be Smallville´s final season and the show will leave with a bang, in the form of a marriage perhaps, instead of a bang like the one that started everything and sent him to earth.

So, what do you think? Are you glad Lois and Clark get engaged on Smallville?

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