Smallville Spoiler: Who is dying on Smallville Season Finale?The season finale of Smallville is near.

But with the season finale of Smallville crawling upon us, it´s time to speculate on who´s dying on Smallville season finale?

Folks at TVGuide gave the Smallville Spoiler.

“Salvation” will be all about redemption for Clark, as he and Zod square off when the Kandorians attack Earth. Chloe calls in some old friends to help, prompting plenty of cameos from members of the Justice League and Justice Society. Oh yeah, a major character is going to end up dead.

So… who dies on Smallville season finale?

My guess is Chloe Sullivan dies on Smallville season finale… but who knows.

What do you think? Who dies on Smallville season finale? Let me know in the comments section.