I already showed you all about the Fight Camp 360 series Showtime and CBS are preparing, a show that premieres on April 2 and will have four episodes.

I alos told you Showtime will air Manny Pacquiao vs Sugar Shane Mosley fight on May 7, but now it´s time to see something about the show: the first sneak peek at Fight Camp 360°: Pacquiao Vs Mosley.

In this series you will be able to follow the hysteria surrounding boxing’s most transcendent figure Manny Pacquiao…
The disrespect toward “Sugar” Shane Mosley…
The inner workings behind Hall of Fame promoter Bob Arum’s Top Rank Boxing…

If only all boxers were as Argentinian Omar Narváez boxing could be much serious… but on the other hand there would be less show surrounding it.

Sneak peek Video at Fight Camp 360°: Pacquiao Vs Mosley

What do you think? Will you watch Fight Camp 360? How about the Pacquiao Vs Mosley fight? Let me know in the comments section.

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