Strawberry-Summer-hallmark-movie-channelAnother great family movie to the ultimate family friendly screen: Hallmark Movie Channel.

“Strawberry Summer,” a Hallmark Movie Channel Original World Premiere is sort of the perfect summertime love story, one filled with music and redemption (not necessarily in that order). Set in rural Fairland, California – famous for growing the world’s best strawberries, Beth Landon (Julie Mond of “Love Begins”), the reigning Strawberry Queen, is planning the annual Strawberry Festival with her mother Eileen (none other than Shelley Long of “Cheers” fame). But right off the bat, there’s trouble. Beth wants the bad-boy country crooner Jason Keith (Trevor Donovan of “90210”) to be the festival’s musical act. Jason is notorious for last-minute cancellations and not showing up to gigs at all. But Beth will not be deterred. When Jason fails to show up to the festival ribbon-cutting – and Beth rushes to find him just waking up – all of Eileen’s fears seem confirmed. And things head south from there. It turns out that Jason’s career is on the down-swing and his reputation is tanking due to his crummy attitude. But he and Beth forge an unlikely bond, in part based on secrets both of them carry. He’s a country star who left Tennessee at age two and doesn’t know how to ride a horse, and he hides his insecurity with bravado and attitude. Beth, it turns out, has musical aspirations of her own but lacks the nerve to pursue them. As the romantic dance is played out, Jason and Beth, try to run away from their feelings, only to wind up with one another. Finally, at the Strawberry Festival talent show they realize their dreams, both romantic and professional, as they hit the stage together. So it goes in “Strawberry Summer,” whose stellar supporting cast also includes Cindy Williams from “Laverne & Shirley” as well as Barry Van Dyke (son of 86-year-old newlywed Dick Van Dyke).

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