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Guillermo Paz onto Casting Calls, X Factor
Guillermo Paz onto Casting Calls
Donovan Markell Agee My name Donovan Agee and I would love to be on lab rats because it hilarious and awesome and I hope you audition me to in the show
shaniya Hi my name is shaniya and I am a big fan of lab rats and I have light brown hair and brown eyes and I am tall like Leo and I am 10years old and in school I love acting and I want opportunity to be a part of lab rats and very energetic and I would to any part so please chose me and you are really cool and
Guillermo Paz onto Casting Calls, Reality Shows
The complete list of renewed shows for 2011 season [...] The Glee Project renewed [...]
Guillermo Paz onto Casting Calls
Casonia sade logenberry I do not want the make over but millions of people want it and other people think other people should have the make over and just rock it out completely and allow others to see the Beauty that is inside of each woman but on the other hand there are so many handsome men on this earth that the world needs to take a second look at and wonder what is under that personality and sense of humor and class.
Guillermo Paz onto Casting Calls
Daanis Sawyer My names Daanis Sawyer, i am 5'5. I am a very experienced rider and am looking for some work in film with horses. This seems to be very rare. I have been riding for 12 years and am currently 18 years of age, i have done some acting but my outgoing personality speaks for my lack of experience. My riding experince allows me to do stunts as i'm very comfortable on a horse. Please consider my application
Casonia sade logenberry Johnny Depp looks so good and he is so handsome and very attractive and really dam good actor and really smoking hot and sexy and if he ever wanted to make love to me...I would not say no and who in there right mind would?
Guillermo Paz onto Casting Calls
Tiffany White Hi I would love to play apart in this project!!! I am 19 love acting.....thank you!!!
Dastan Hi! I'm Dastan. I'm 15 year old and i want to play any role.
Guillermo Paz onto Casting Calls
Tiffany White I would love to be apart of this project!!!!!Iam 19 look like i still am in high school...
Casting Call: Open Auditions for Steven Spielberg´s Film Lincoln [...] great opportunity to audition has arrived to e-mail. These days I posted a lot of auditions: Auditions for The Lying Game, a casting call for Jane by Design, and many [...]
Guillermo Paz onto Casting Calls
Guillermo Paz onto Casting Calls, Reality Shows
Pankaj Goswami hi i want act on this show
Guillermo Paz onto American Idol, Casting Calls
Casonia Logenberry of Seattle washington and it seems like no one will let a show stay on long enough for people to either like it or dislike it and what is the hurry! Sing your Heart out and just give it all you got and just believe in yourself and have faith and just let it all go and that means your emotions and feelings and thoughts and lay it all on the table and well wishes to each and every person trying out and really hope that there are so many good ones this year that it is incredible and hard for them all to choose?
Casonia sade logenberry wants to wish everyone on this day a very good day and wonderful evening and a great nights rest and take care men and woman and children of the world! Good luck people and it is time to live your Dream and give your soul to singing and use of your passion and time to take to get that break is the chance your going to take and well wishes to all who try out and hope of course every one can't make it but every one is going to try and it is better to try then not try and good luck and take care.