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Guillermo Paz onto Romance
wimeleinky Please ABC dont get rid of Cupid i love this show i love how there is that sort of romance between trevor and claire and i love how he gets people to come together. PLEASE DON'T CANCEL CUPID.
seleniebeanie I am saddened to discover this show was cancelled. I liked Cupid's approach versus the therapist's approach to love. And I liked how Cupid's approach didn't work out without the help of the therapist. I think the show eluded to Cupid also finding his true love...(the therapist?)This was definitely a chick flick type show, since guys don't watch shows about romance. I didn't like the time/day it was on - it was inconvenient and I found myself PVR-ing it weekly. It's too bad, really, It gets harder and harder to find shows without questionable values.
Guillermo Paz onto Romance