cupidgetscancelledSo, what´s Cupid about? It´s a remake of a previous comedy… A reworking of Rob Thomas’ series “Cupid”, which follows the adventures of a modern-day guy who may be a reincarnation of the fabled god of love.

Even though it´s not officially cancelled, there´s not much hope for the show… we saw a lot of other Cancelled Shows and Series

It certainly doesn’t look good for ABC’s new Cupid series. Despite the devotion of some viewers, the series hasn’t been doing very well in the ratings department and very likely won’t be renewed for a second season. Who would have thought that this remake, starring Bobby Cannavale, Sarah Paulson, Rick Gomez, and Camille Guaty, wouldn’t outlast the 1998 original?

Would you like to see Cupid continue, or at the very least, get some sort of resolution for the series? If so, there are a few things that you can do to support the show.

Watch Cupid “live” on television and ask your friends/family to do the same — one might secretly be a Nielsen household. Viewers are the most important thing to the network, especially in the 18-49 demographic. With more viewers, they’re able to charge more for their advertising. If you can’t watch the show on TV, watch episodes online.

Maybe viewers can Save Chuck, but they are not likely saving Cupid.