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Guillermo Paz onto Actresses
Emily She is so cute!!!! I think she is perfect for the role!!!! She just has to get it!!!!!
Kathya I think she will make a great Renesmee. Hope she gets the part! Team Twilight!
Guillermo Paz onto Casting Calls
Samntha I also would like to add on from the last comment i sent so here goes :) i would love to be an actress i think it really has meaning to be on t.v and express yourself and to have a character means to have a different personalty to any movie/show your on and i think that's really interesting to me how you change to this blood sucking vampire (Twilight) and you can't feed on human's and when your out of character i think to change from one person to another i think its amazing and i really think i would be great for the job im full of energy and the people who inspire me the most would have to be Jackson rathbone because he is and actor and a singer and that must mean so much work put into what you love to do and peter facinelli <-- i think that how you spell his name if not i really do apologize but he really is a good actor aswell he is good at what he does witch is acting and i would just absolutely love to try it and see where it gets me :) Oh and they are both cute too. ;) hehehe xxoo they would be a distraction I hope there isnt any shirtless scene's with them in it Haha! *_* Thank you....again! for reading this and i hope you get the chance to see how good i am :) :P :D Vote me because im awsome :)) Please... ! :)
Samntha Hello there My Name is Samantha Taylor i Live in Western Australia, Perth I have Blue eyes and Chocolate brown hair i have always watched twilight from the moment it came out i havn't read the books i do opalagize i would like to be in Twilight so bad i have no experience in acting unless im lying ;) Dont worry though i dont really do that as much i just muck around now and then i focus on having a career on acting and maybe signing but i need abit more vocal training i think i would be perfect for the job who know's i could be the one :P Oh and im 14 Years old too nearly forgot that good thing i didnt. Anyway I Just want to say Hello to Jackson Rathbone and Peter Facinelli love them both And especially Elizabeth Reaser and Defiantly and Ashley Greene Love them All! Im a Big fan . Thank for taking your time to read this xxoo :)