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Guillermo Paz onto Documentary, Drama, Dramedy
Guillermo Paz onto Dramedy
Guillermo Paz onto Sitcoms
Amalia Freiberg alifornication, amid controversy over its name is going stronger as its 4th season is underway and a 5th season is proposed to be filmed. For those who do not know anything about it (and there will always be some ignorant people) Californication is an American TV Drama Series that was aired on Showtime in 2007. It has completed 3 seasons and fourth season is being aired from January 9, 2011. You can watch Californication online too. I will tell you later, first we shall discuss its story so that a novice can keep up with the story in the fourth season, hopefully. *
Guillermo Paz onto Dramedy
Complete List of Renewed Shows on 2012 [...] Showtime renews Californication for season six [...]
Guillermo Paz onto Action, Drama, Sitcoms
Best Quotes and Spoilers from Breakout Kings S01E04 – Out of the Mouths of Babes [...] had Breakout Kings on the Must Watch List for last week, and I have it again for this week. And deservedly so. In last night´s episode of Breakout Kings, [...]
Guillermo Paz onto Sitcoms
chris californication has lived its tc life. time to put it to sleep. it isn't funny any more (remember, it used to be a comedy) what's so funny about a drunken hank moody stumble thru life without his wife or daughter? pull the plug on this once great show
The complete list of renewed shows for 2011 season [...] Californication renewed for season 5 by Showtime [...]
Guillermo Paz onto House MD
Video: The Voice Coaches perform You Can´t Always Get What You Want [...] Voice Coaches will sing You Can´t Always Get What You Want, the same You Can´t Always Get What You Want iconic song from House MD and thus planning on tearing off the roof of the [...]
Series & TV » Blog Archive » Songs on House MD Season 5 Finale - S05E24 Both Sides Now [...] As we already said You Can´t Always Get What You Want got into the plot on House even. [...]
Guillermo Paz onto Awards, Sitcoms
Guillermo Paz onto Awards, Sitcoms
How can I watch the Golden Globe Awards tonight? | Series & TV [...] already reviewd both comedy and drama [...]
January 7th filled of birthdays such as David Caruso, Nicolas Cage and Katie Couric | Series & TV [...] Morrow, Benjy Fleming in Sitcom Monk is turning 18 years [...]