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Guillermo Paz onto House MD
Jason Casting Calls this is great info. i had a friend also get through an audition from postings at iAmAnArtist.com just like this articile says
Autumn Hi, I'm Autumn and I'm 13 years old (almost 14). I am a HUGE House fan! Hugh Laurie is my favorite actor! I've watched every single House episode ever made. I've had several weekends where I watch House for hours on end. I love Hugh Laurie's character! I've never acted before, but I would have no trouble doing it. I find myself acting like House, and I think I would be a good extra on House. Please keep me in mind for an episode!!! Thanks :)
Guillermo Paz onto Reality Shows
Charlie Harper´s advice to dance | Series & TV [...] Are you getting ready to be So You think you can dance winner? [...]
Guillermo Paz onto Reality Shows
Marcelo Moreira I am brasilian, I liked of participation the program.
Lori My name is Lori, I am married to the most wonderful man and we have the two most beautiful sons in the world. They are Joseph ( he is three) and Michael ( he is one). We had and apartment. We got it two weeks before we had our first son. Then in August 2011 we lost our apartment when are sons were only 2 yrs and 7mons old, my Husband got extremely sick in march 2011 and was hospitialized for almost two weeks, and we are lucky to have him still here with us. he hthen needed to take some time out of work and they found a "reason" to fire him becasue they were mad that he got sick and needed to be out on Dr's orders then shorty after that he was diagnosed with diabetes, so that put us behind on money and that is why we lost our apartment. We ended up having to move in with his parents, who also had there daugther and youngest son still living with them as well as their daughters fiance', about two weeks after we moved in their daughter found out, she and her fiance were pregnant. we now have 10 people living in a four bedroom house. My husband and I share a room with our two sons and my sister in law and her fiance' share a room with there son. I was a faithful watcher of extreme home makeover. I would be so grateful to be able to be chosen for this. I would also want to move my mother home she lives in North carolina and she wants to come back home to Rhode Island, but she cannot afford it. My mother has had a very hard life, she raised Myself, my brother and my sister and took care of my father who had been very sick almost all his life. she is the most amazing woman in the world to me. ( I Love you Mom). Thank you for taking your time to read this and considering it. God Bless