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Guillermo Paz onto Private Practice, Spoilers
Nikki Thank you Anne and Celeste for articulating my feelings exactly! Something about this episode, and the previous one, also made me turn away from the show. I'm not tired of people talking about the reality of violence against women, but I am SERIOUSLY tired of seeing it depicted so graphically. Something about it seems very voyeuristic and pornographic, and I don't understand why there are now 2 story lines in the show that revolve around women being violently attacked. It's taken me over a week to watch this episode, and I thought I was being silly. I just watched it online, at night, and the last few minutes of this episode make me regret that decision. Her face was enough, why did the writers feel like they had to graphically depict what happened? I really liked this series, but unfortunately, Shonda Rhimes ended my continued viewership of the show.
val working in health care you see this happen so often. on tv you never get to see the aftermath the victim experiences and eventually the strength it takes for a woman to pick up the pieces and move forward. I commend Private Practice and Shonda Rhimes for taking this storyline and making it different. KaDee was phenomenal in this episode and it was completely realistic. I look forward to the new dynamics and relationships that will unfold in the aftermath of this tragedy. Kudos so far on a job well done!