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Guillermo Paz onto Actors, Actresses
William7 Hello, do you allow guest posting on seriesandtv.com ? :) Please let me know on my e-mail
Anonoymous You know there is something wrong when someone is making such money per episode for acting that probably isn't even a masterpiece. And most average idiots are sitting in front of the television watching them.
Guillermo Paz onto Actors, Actresses
jessica figman I can't beilieve that they get paid that much for acting its not that hard and that money could be used for something else other than that like wtf with $400,000 you have enough money for like 5 years omg I wish I worked on just one episode like that and save my money!!
nishi wtf? this is wrong i can't believe that penny ,sheldon and lenard earn so less than artists on other crap tv serials....this is madness whoever has written is sick