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Guillermo Paz onto House MD
Guillermo Paz onto House MD
Casonia sade logenberry of Seattle washington Well if she wants to leave then so be it and it is going to be really hard not hearing her speak or saying her smart remarks and getting on Houses back and driving him crazy is something that is going to be well missed and what is going to happen to her daughter and who is going to take over..But adlease she is leaving the show..When the show is smoking hot and wonderful and outstanding and she did a amazing job and she did such a good job that...She is alway going to be looked at playing that role and making it her own? No one can ever take the place of this young and wonderful And Beautiful woman.
Nick Yeah my friend is friends with the director, Cuddy is dying soon
Guillermo Paz onto House MD
Bryon I actually caught this episode. I don’t' get to see all of them. I missed the first half so this synopsis was very helpful. I was so certain Nadia would not take the drugs. I have had mental addictions to "not forgiving" and it was difficult to kick even with medication, but I was reluctant to take it. I think this is the best dramatic series on TV other than Smallville, my ultimate favorite. I can watch all the episodes now that I'm having my employee HD DISH Network service installed tomorrow morning. I can watch in full HD now without pesky antenna interruptions (signal in Denver is bad) and record so I can watch during the day since I work evenings. HD is free for life too for anyone that qualifies now.
Guillermo Paz onto House MD
Guillermo Paz onto House MD, Talk Shows
Guillermo Paz onto House MD, Spoilers
Guillermo Paz onto House MD, Quotes
Guillermo Paz onto Quotes
Guillermo Paz onto Castle, Spoilers
eaglebob Great piece of casting! Maybe now, Beckett will make her move on Castle.
Guillermo Paz onto Actresses, House MD