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Guillermo Paz onto Talk Shows
Brian uh,hell yeah im sad about her talk show being cancelled! What the hell is everybodies problem with her anyway?I think she is awesome! I love "Whitney" and I will never miss an episode.I just got done watching the last "love you,mean it" and I just don't get why it got cancelled....I mean,if you had to cancel anything, cancel Chelsea. It's getting a little "long in the tooth" if you know what i mean....Sorry Whitney, I know you guys are friends but you are funnier....and fresh.And who cares about format...format shmormat...its what the host does with it,and thats why I really enjoyed it.I can only hope that I will get to see her in a talk show again one day soon.screw you haters.
Guillermo Paz onto Sitcoms
bill norris no sorry, cant watch the show where she stars but ill watch the one she produces.... its like my reaction to eating eggs.... if theyre sitting there and i can see em ... its a no go on eating em, but if theyre mixed into a dish or an ingredient it doesnt bug me.... im weird that way i guess.