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Guillermo Paz onto Kids Shows
Guillermo Paz onto Kids Shows
Guillermo Paz onto Kids Shows
selena i miss shake it up i use to watch it when i was little
taylorchanay It is very unfortunate that SIU is being renewed. That show should not have made it past the pilot episode. The main characters on a DANCE SHOW cannot dance to save their lives and bring great shame to true dancers in the world watching. I'd be less upset about them not being able to dance, IF they could act. Which they can't. When there is a difficult routine, you can see the camera show just their face (not their feet), or they are merely swept aside when real professional dancers are brought out. The morals taught in this show imply that it is okay to be rude and obnoxious to adults of authority, such as their teacher and parents. No lessons learned, except bad behavoir. I know many people that do not let their children watch this unimaginitive, poor quality, excuse for a television program.
Guillermo Paz onto Sitcoms
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