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Casonia Sade Logenberry! Happy Thankgiving and Merry X Mas and Happy New year everybody and life is full of twist and turns I am watching and waiting to see what happens next and want to stick my nose in your personal life and wonder what is taking so long and when some one trys to trash your life...You got the money and the time to crush her like a peanute and make peanute butter and just roast her like a roast beef in the over and just smash her and let every one see the shame on her face. But of course the whole world is looking at you and..Even though you did not do anything! Every one is looking at you and wonder what is taking so long and how long does it take to get that D.N.A. Test and like Maury Says you are not the father and really blow this woman out of the water..Hurry up and don't let this spoil your Holidays and get it over and just move on with your life and have a Merry Xmas and Happy New year Dear.
Casonia sade Logenberry and have a great day to person on this earth today..The air is fresh and it is raining here in Seattle and the trees are happy to gain the fresh water in its veins and the trees dance and move in motion. He Seems so thoughtful and loving about his family and really cares about all the people around him and he was born to be sweet and kind and thoughtful and sweet and...He is mature but yet so young and his future really looks bright and...His life is going to get better and better and better at his craft and...He is young and handsome and really attractive and...He is going to rock the world and really make this world so much better and...He is going to have fun and really get to meet many people in this world and..He has a truely amazing life ahead of him and just think he gets to meet people from all over the world and get to hang out with people we all dream about every day...Lucky young man and want to wish him a happy birthday soon.
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Rose I love Hugh Laurie. The band is great but without him, I wouldn't bother. Jesse Spencer is great on violin. I just love Hugh Laurie. I have the cd/dvd and it is great. I would love to have more. I don't see me buying more though if he's out.