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Guillermo Paz onto White Collar
White Collar S02E12 – What happened in Burma Quotes and Spoilers [...] And comes with back to back episodes! I already told you all you needed to know about White Collar midseason premiere Burke´s Seven and the 36 Hours White Collar Ford Dusion challenge. [...]
Guillermo Paz onto Spoilers, White Collar
Gary Manzo Good to see this light hearted clip of M. Bomer. I think the guy is also a very serious and genuinely socially conscious fellow, that bring a positive message to all that have the good fortune of getting to know him a bit. Good work Matt.
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Guillermo Paz onto Contests and Giveaways, White Collar
bn100 I liked the con involving the wine bottle.
jeremiah elliott my fav con was not one aired but mentioned. Neal stole a painting but before stealing it he sold forgery's of the painting to other countries and the original never left. Based off of a con done by Eduardo de Valfierno on august 21, 1911 with the Mona Lisa. Goes to show that sometimes the theft isn't what counts its the con that leads up to it.
Guillermo Paz onto Spoilers, White Collar
Olivia Awwww I totally love Kate. Why the heck did they kill her? What a waste a of beauty like Alexandra Daddario... her and Matt Bomer would have made such a hot on screen couple. A flashback is great but not enough. I hate it when writers choke and just kill off a character to spice up a season finale.
Tweets that mention White Collar S02E11 – Forging Bonds – Preview – Quotes, Spoilers and Photos -- Topsy.com [...] This post was mentioned on Twitter by mrsDolowey, Valerie Leung and others. Valerie Leung said: OK avert your eyes for spoilers/previews of #WhiteCollar #Forging Bonds...yes aka @jeffeastin's flashback ep http://bit.ly/h4ktuR [...]
Guillermo Paz onto Spoilers, White Collar
Tweets that mention White Collar S02E10 – Winter Premiere – Burke´s Seven – Preview – Quotes, Spoilers and Photos -- Topsy.com [...] This post was mentioned on Twitter by Series And TV, debbie martinsen and others. debbie martinsen said: RT @valshopaholic: Warning: Do not read this if you don't want spoilers for #WhiteCollar #BurkesSeven http://bit.ly/eYKCit. It will knoc ... [...]
Guillermo Paz onto Action, Police Shows
Guillermo Paz onto Action
Pulpo If you ask me about In Plain Sight by USA, yes, it´s coming back
Betty Heaton I would like to know if Out of Sight will be back. Thanks