watch-The-VoiceOk, so there are some very good competitions around on TV, and a whole lot of singing competition shows. But here I am making the case for The Voice on NBC being the best of all of them. And I´ll state ten reasons why I think that is. You can add all the reasons you want in the comments section too, of course, because there are probably more reasons as to why it is the best singing show these days. (Spoiler Alert: I´ll say refreshing more than once).

Ten reasons why The Voice is the best singing show

1- There are no bad singers:
The old making fun of the crappy singers is a rusty routine by now. In The Voice there are no bad singers: There are good singers, very good singers and excellent singers, and that´s just refreshing. Good quality singing for the whole episode.

2- It´s all in The Voice:
The judges / coaches are not able to see the contestants and only hear them in order to decide wether to keep him/her or not. Talent, talent, talent.

3-  No Backsies:
So the contestant looks hot? And you did not push the button… tough luck, no time machine to push it afterwards. That´s also a good thing.

4- The chairs:
Not that the show actually needs them, but the chairs make for a great signature thing for the show. (Also, they look comfy)

5- The coaches as a general:
I mean it, all of them are lead singers, frontmen or soloists with huge success. And they perform together on the show also.
They don´t give crap advice, they don´t talk in any weird exogalactic language like we have been getting used to on singing competitions. Refreshing as nothing else, the people who did the casting, I have to take my hat off for.

6- The coaches individually:
Cee Lo Green: Singer, rapper, songwriter, producer. He adds the crazy but in a much better way than all the other craziness we see on other shows. And he loves cats.
Christina Aguilera: She is a singing diva like no other in the last ten to fifteen years. And she is very enjoyable, down to earth and kind.
Blake Shelton: The country singer, and one who adds great comments. Definitely am a fan now and find myself rooting for him to get the singers.
Adam Levine: You know when you got the handsome young rockstar you think you are going to hate him. You think you are getting a crazy, bleep nonsense talking guy. He is actually the opposite totally. And that´s also a great thing. I started watching The Voice expecting not to like him, thinking, “Ok, I like your songs, but a rockstar with a microphone each week stands for disaster”. Thank God Adam Levine is the exact 180° of the douchy rockstar. You make my list of favourite people on non scripted TV right alongside Cesar Millan the Dog Whisperer, the Pawn Stars, Clinton and Stacy and Dave Salmoni.

7-  Carson Daly as host:
Not going over the top is just what suits the show best. And Daly makes a heck of a job on it. I have to admit I am a big supporter of Carson Daly ever since he launched Earl on the quest to redeem his karma.

8- The respect for the talent and the performers:
It probably has a lot to do with the fact that they only put good singers to great in the blind audition rounds. But even when a singer does not make it, the critiques are always constructive. It is (I´m using that word a lot) refreshing that the “drama” is on who´s going to win it all, and not about who said what to who.

9- Connection with the fans:
The Voice is doing everything to connect with the fans too. The coaches are committed and they livetweet during the show, there´s an online correspondant, there´s the chair going around on a nationwide tour and they launched some online initiatives too.

10- It works entertainment-wise:
The music is spot on, the editing is not overly dramatic, there´s only some beeps when someone throws an F word, and that´s it. The rest looks smooth as if it was live.

These are my ten reasons why to love and watch The Voice on NBC. What are your thoughts? Let me know in the comments section.
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