charlie-sheen-anger-management-watchCharlie Sheen´s new show started last week, and now, after three episodes have aired, I am going with my verdict. Thank God, Charlie Sheen moved from Two and a Half Men to Anger Management. Granted, it wasn´t a smooth transition, and I am sure he is probably regretting a lot of how he handled himself, but the end result is an excellent sitcom.

At first, before watching it, I wasn´t so sure, because I´ve never been particularily a fan of Anger Management the movie, and also, because, like everyone, thought it was a risky move by FX. A high risk high benefit bet, and one that will pay off like crazy for the cabler.
So now, after I am calling this one, the best new comedy of the summer, I am giving you ten reasons to watch Charlie Sheen´s Anger Management.

Ten reasons to watch Charlie Sheen´s Anger Management

  1.  Charlie Sheen: You can say whatever about him. He even can be his own worst enemy sometimes, but heck… he´s one helluva comedian, and knows how to lead a sitcom like very few can. When he is on his game, he´s as sure a bet as you can make. And fortunately, he is on his game in FX´s Anger Management.
  2. The ensemble: The guys in charge of the casting did an excellent job selecting everybody to compliment Sheen on the show. It can very well soon evolve into an ensemble comedy rather than just a Charlie Sheen vehicle. That will be great to watch, how every character develops.
  3. The guest stars: In only a couple of episodes Brian Austin Green and Kerri Kenney have come by. I can only imagine who else is on the way.
  4. The fartjokes: So far, none!
  5. Charlie Sheen not acting of Charlie Sheen: Charlie Harper was a fun character, but it was him playing him. Now, when you move him away from himself, he is still as funny, and can explore new comedic routes.
  6. Selma Blair: I know I said the ensemble and all, but Selma Blair fits so perfectly into her role that needs a special shout out.
  7. Psychiatrist Charlie: There are some psychiatrist on TV, but lately, they have mostly been secondary roles (Lisa Kudrow beung an exception). Rather than the great guest star playing the lead´s shrink, we have a lead shrink here.
  8. The new wardrobe: Charlie Sheen´s wearing a shirt, shoes and trousers; he moved away from the bermuda shorts, white socks and nautical shoes. That alone, is a huge step forward.
  9. The Network: FX made a big bet, and deserves the big payout. Besides, there are probably a lot more room to explore for the show in cable rather than broadcast.
  10. The audience: The ratings were there for the first two episodes. Tons of people watching. And if things keep this way… people will stick with it.

All in all, Anger Management is a great show, and if you haven´t started watching it, you should.

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