terra-nova-spoilers-quotes-series-premiere-pilot-genesisThe much awaited series premiere of Terra Nova arrived.
For the show centered on the Shannons, an ordinary family from 2149 when the planet is dying who are transported back 85 million years to prehistoric Earth where they join Terra Nova, a colony of humans with a second chance to build a civilization.

What was Terra Nova Pilot Premiere About? Plot Synopsis

The Shannon family joins the Tenth Pilgrimage of settlers to Terra Nova, the first colony established in this beautiful yet foreboding land. Jim Shannon, a devoted father with a checkered past, guides his family through this new world of limitless beauty, mystery and terror. Upon the Shannons’ arrival, they are introduced to Cmdr. Nathaniel Taylor, the charismatic and heroic first pioneer and leader of the settlement. Taylor warns the travelers that while Terra Nova is a place of new opportunities and fresh beginnings, all is not as idyllic as it initially appears. Along with blue skies, towering waterfalls and lush vegetation, the surrounding terrain is teeming with danger – and not just of the man-eating dinosaur variety. There is also a splinter colony of renegades led by the battle-hardened Mira, who is vehemently opposed to Taylor and his leadership.

Best Quotes and Spoilers from Terra Nova Pilot premiere  – Genesis

Prison Guard: You paid fr five minutes

Elizabeth: I´ve been contacted to be recruited for Terra Nova

Elizabeth: It´s me, Maddie and Josh or it´s nothing

Elizabeth: We have a plan
Josh: Yeah, step one, dad breaks out from a maximum security facility; step two, dad breaks into a maximum security facility. Piece of cake

Elizabeth: He will find a way. He always does

Jim: I´m not scheduled to be released for another 85 million years

Jim: Zoe, I know I´ve been away for a long time, but you still remember me, don´t you?

Cder Nathaniel: Together we are at the dawn of a new civilization. No pressure

Nathaniel: We blew it. We destroyed our home

Nathaniel: Welcome to Terra Nova folks. Welcome home

Jim: We are not going to be standing here arguing the past with you. We are starting over. As a family

(Those first dinosaurs were big puppies)

Jim: The answer´s yes. We did do the right thing coming here

Josh: There´s not so much to be doing here
Skye: Depends on how close to the edge you like to walk

(The proper treatment for that nasty bug in the back, I´m sure it´s not “Wooow” and taking it out by bare hand)

Skye: Are you coming or not?

Skye: Do you wanna see something really cool? (That´s a recipe for disaster I tell you)

Skye: Don´t tell anybody about this, okay?

Jim: Wanna tell me what was that and what the hell is going on here?

Nathaniel: Until I know who sent them and why, I don´t know who in the future I can trust

Nathaniel: This is what we´ve been fighting for, Jim, a new beginning

Nathaniel: Welcome aboard Shannon

Jim: What the hell is that
Nathaniel: A carnitosaurus, I hate carnitosaurus

Nathaniel: You can have your man, you can have your meds; you can´t have no ammo, no way
Myra: Can´t blame a girl for trying

Myra: You are new, welcome to paradise

Elizabeth: Jim, wait. forget what I said. This is not your fault.
Jim: Yes it is. Josh came here with these kids just to spite me

Elizabeth: Bring him back
Jim: I will

Nathaniel: Terra Nova will succeed

Josh: I´m sorry

Skye: I just want to say how sorry I am

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