the-big-c-spoilers-finale-paul-dead-aliveWell, tonight´s finale of The Big C was great as usual, but it left us with a big cliffhanger to hold on to. As many shows do, Castle had Beckett not knowing if dead or alive, Dexter had Rita dead, and the list can go on and on.

But in this case we saw Paul dying on The Big C season finale, or at the very least he flatlined.

Let´s see some of the facts:

  • He did actually flatlined.
  • Paul had a heart attack on The Big C
  • He was under a lot of stress because of the insurance company
  • He started doing some coke
  • He was a little overweighted and not doing much exercise

“He passes over but who’s to say ultimately whether he lives or dies,” Executive Producer Jenny Bicks told The Hollywood Reporter. “But he did have a heart attack.”

Thing is the next season of The Big C should be about bargaining, as each season is about one of the stages of grief; so how does Paul´s death in The Big C play a role in the bargaining thing instead of bringing her back to the anger? I really couldn´t tell.

Oliver Platt is not leaving The Big C, as he is under contract, and you´d have to be crazy to let such a great actor go if you don´t absolutely have to. And that is another hint for me to say that Paul is not dead on The Big C, but, there are also reasons to believe he is:

Both Marlene and Lee appeared in The Big C after being dead, so the writers are not shy in exploring the afterlife; so If Paul is not alive but dead on The Big C, it still means he can come back.

What do you think? Should Paul be dead or alive on The Big C? Will you watch next season of The Big C? Head to the comments for your thoughts.

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